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Round 3 Feature Match: Aaron Furman vs. Perry Divan

September 23rd, 2017

For this Round 3 Feature Match, we’ve got another reigning Ultimate Duelist, Aaron Furman! He’s come down from New Jersey to enter this event with his True Draco Kozmo Deck. He’s up against Perry Divan, from nearby Ocala, Florida, who’s using an Invoked Kaiju strategy. It’s time to Duel!


Duel 1

Furman won the roll and chose to play first, with a hand of Kozmo Sliprider, Call of the Haunted, Kozmo Dark Destroyer, True King’s Return, and Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King. He didn’t have much going here, so he Set his Trap Cards.

Divan played Set Rotation, handing Kyoutou Waterfront to Furman and placing Magical Meltdown on his own field. He used Meltdown to add Aleister the Invoker to his hand, and played it to add Invocation to his hand. Aleister attacked directly, and Divan Set one card to his back row.

Furman drew Kozmo Forerunner. He passed.

Divan attacked with Aleister again, and had no other moves.

Furman drew Instant Fusion. He played it, giving up 1000 Life Points, and Divan responded with Maxx “C”! Thousand-Eyes Restrict hit the field, and its effect equipped Aleister. He Tributed Thousand-Eyes Restrict to play Kozmo Sliprider, and its effect targeted Divan’s Set card. Divan Chained it: Cosmic Cyclone! It banished Furman’s True King’s Return! Sliprider attacked directly.

Divan Tributed Sliprider, handing over Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju to Furman. He played Invocation next, and Furman responded with Call of the Haunted to revive Sliprider. That took away the LIGHT Fusion Material Divan probably wanted for Invoked Mechaba. Instead, Divan used the Aleister in his Graveyard and the Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring in his hand, for Invoked Purgatrio. He then used Invocation’s effect in the Graveyard, adding Aleister back to his hand, and used Aleister’s effect to boost Purgatrio’s ATK by 1000. Purgatrio attacked and destroyed both Gameciel and Sliprider, and Sliprider’s effect Special Summoned Kozmo Farmgirl. Divan chose not to attack with Purgatrio a third time, cautious of what Farmgirl might Special Summon from the hand.


Perry Divan


Furman drew another Farmgirl, and Normal Summoned it. He banished it to Special Summon Kozmo Dark Destroyer from his hand, and its effect blew away Purgatrio. His other Farmgirl attacked directly, and he paid 500 Life Points to use its effect. Divan responded to that with PSY-Framegear Gamma! It came to the field in Defense Position, along with PSY-Frame Driver. Dark Destroyer wiped out Gamma, and Driver was banished in the End Phase.

Divan Set a monster and two back row cards.

Furman drew Kozmojo. He had Dark Destroyer wipe out Divan’s Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit in battle, then Set Kozmojo. He lost it in the End Phase to Divan’s Cosmic Cyclone.

Divan Set another to his back row, and Set a monster.

Furman drew Kozmotown. He flipped up Kyoutou Waterfront and replaced it with Kozmotown.  He used it to get a banished Kozmo back to his hand, and Divan conceded, knowing he wouldn’t be able to hold back another set of attacks.


R3 D1


Furman makes it out of a nearly unplayable opening hand, even playing through a surprise PSY-Frame, thanks to a perfectly timed Kozmo Dark Destroyer! Divan chose to play second for Duel 2.

Duel 2

Furman had a hand of Kozmotown, Kozmo Sliprider, Kozmo Tincan, Kozmo Farmgirl, and Instant Fusion. He played Tincan and banished it to Special Summon Sliprider. Instant Fusion brought Panzer Dragon to the field, and he Xyz Summoned Cyber Dragon Nova, then Cyber Dragon Infinity! He played Kozmotown and used it to get Tincan back to his hand. He then used Kozmotown to shuffle away Tincan and Farmgirl for a new hand: He drew Tincan and Sliprider.

Divan Tributed Infinity for Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju! Then, Set Rotation put Magical Meltdown on Divan’s field, and Oracle of Zefra on Furman’s. Meltdown got Aleister, which got Invocation. He used Invocation to banish Sliprider and Aleister, for Invoked Mechaba! He Special Summoned Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju! He attacked with his monsters, leaving Furman with 3800 Life Points.

Furman played Tincan and used its effect, but Divan used Mechaba’s effect to negate it! Furman conceded, with no way to survive another turn!


R3 D2


Divan evened up the score with a huge Set Rotation + Kaiju combination, playing straight through Furman’s opening field of Cyber Dragon Infinity! Furman opted to play first in the final Duel.

Duel 3

Furman began with a hand of 2 Dimensional Barriers, Kozmo Tincan, Kozmo Strawman, and Kozmo Sliprider. He Set a Barrier and played Tincan. He used its effect, paying 500 Life Points to reveal Kozmo DOG Fighter, Kozmo Forerunner, and Kozmo Landwalker. Forerunner went to his hand, and the others to the Graveyard.

Divan started with Interrupted Kaiju Slumber, and Furman chose to use Tincan’s effect to Special Summon Forerunner. Slumber destroyed it, and Special Summoned Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju to Divan’s side, with Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju to Furman’s. Furman used Forerunner’s effect, but Divan had Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring! Divan Normal Summoned Aleister the Invoker to get Invocation to his hand. He played it, and Furman used Dimensional Barrier to block Fusion Summons for the turn! Divan played Oracle of Zefra next, adding Stellarknight Zefraxciton to his hand. He had Jizukiru destroy Gameciel, and Aleister attacked directly. Divan Set one to his back row to finish.


Aaron Furman - Ultimate Duelist


Furman drew Set Rotation. He Normal Summoned Strawman, and had it bring Forerunner to the field. He banished Strawman to play Sliprider, which destroyed Divan’s Set Cosmic Cyclone. Set Rotation came next, giving Divan a Kozmotown while Furman got a Dragonic Diagram. He flipped it up and used it to destroy Forerunner, adding True King’s Return to his hand. Forerunner’s effect Special Summoned a second Sliprider to the field, and it destroyed Divan’s Kozmotown. That let Furman add a Kozmotown to his hand. He stacked the two Slipriders for Cyber Dragon Nova, and used that for Cyber Dragon Infinity. He had it attach Jizukiru as an Xyz Material. Furman played his Kozmotown, using its effect to add Tincan to his hand. He shuffled Tincan back into the Deck to draw Anti-Spell Fragrance! He had Infinity destroy Aleister in battle, then Set all of his Trap Cards to finish.

In Divan’s Draw Phase, Furman flipped Anti-Spell Fragrance. Significantly slowed down, Divan started by banishing Interrupted Kaiju Slumber from his Graveyard to add Gadarla to his hand. He Set one monster and one back row card.

Furman drew True Draco Apocalypse. He used Kozmotown to get Strawman to his hand, and used its effect to get Forerunner back to the field. Forerunner destroyed Divan’s Set Zefraxciton in battle, then Strawman and Infinity attacked to drop Divan to 2700 Life Points. Furman was now leading with 4100 Life Points. He Set Apocalypse, and in the End Phase Forerunner was destroyed. Its effect brought Sliprider to the field, and it destroyed Divan’s Set Invocation. With that gone, Divan had no chance! He offered the handshake when he saw his next card!


R3 D3


Aaron Furman is victorious, with True Draco Kozmo!