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Round 5 Feature Match: Frazier Smith vs. Taylor Mauck

September 23rd, 2017

Frazier Smith is a veteran Duelist from Philadelphia, PA. For this tournament, he’s chosen to wield the power of the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon! He’s facing Taylor Mauck, from Tallahassee, FL, who’s using Pendulum Magicians. Can the original engine of destruction stand up to these new magicians? It’s time to Duel!


Duel 1

Smith won the dice roll and chose to play second. Mauck began with Allure of Darkness, banishing Purple Poison Magician. He played a Wisdom-Eye Magician in each of his Pendulum Zones, and used each of their effects to get Double Iris Magician and Oafdragon Magician. He used Oafdragon to add Wisdom-Eye Magician back to his hand. He Pendulum Summoned Wisdom-Eye Magician in his Extra Monster Zone, and Purple Poison and Double Iris from his hand. Using Purple Poison and Wisdom-Eye, he Xyz Summoned Tornado Dragon, and had it destroy the Double Iris in his Pendulum Zone. Double Iris added Time Pendulumgraph to his hand. He played Black Fang Magician in his Pendulum Zone, and Set one card to his back row.


Taylor Mauck


Smith had Pot of Desires, Dragon Shrine, Shuffle Reborn, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dragon Spirit of White, and Soul Charge. He used Dragon Shrine to send a Dragon Spirit of White and The White Stone of Legend to the Graveyard, and White Stone put a Blue-Eyes White Dragon in his hand. Pot of Desires came next, banishing ten cards to let Smith draw his third Blue-Eyes White Dragon and a Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon. He used Shuffle Reborn, reviving Dragon Spirit of White. Then, he Special Summoned his Alternative White Dragon. Its effect destroyed Tornado Dragon, and Mauck responded with Tornado Dragon’s effect to destroy Black Fang; Black Fang Special Summoned Purple Poison in Defense Position. Smith Xyz Summoned Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon! Mauck used Time Pendulumgraph to destroy Double Iris and Cipher Dragon, and Double Iris’s effect added Star Pendulumgraph to his hand. Smith used Soul Charge, bringing Cipher, White Stone, Alternative White Dragon, and Dragon Spirit of White to the field, losing 4000 Life Points! He had Dragon Spirit banish Oafdragon, and Alternative White Dragon destroyed Purple Poison. Purple Poison’s effect destroyed White Stone, and Smith couldn’t use its effect since he already had all three copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon in his hand. Smith used Cipher Dragon to play Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon, which destroyed Time Pendulumgraph, then used Full Armor Photon to play Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon! He wanted to use its effect, but he didn’t have enough Dragon-type monsters to do it! He passed his turn, unable to attack due to Soul Charge, but sitting with a very imposing field.

Mauck drew, with only three cards in his hand and nothing on the field. He played Star Pendulumgraph, Normal Summoned Wisdom-Eye Magician, and took 1000 damage by crashing it into Smith’s Dragon Spirit. That let him use the effect of Astrograph Sorcerer! He Special Summoned it and added a new Wisdom-Eye Magician to his hand, and used Star Pendulumgraph to get Double Iris Magician. He played his two Magicians in his Pendulum Zones, and used Wisdom-Eye Magician to get Purple Poison Magician in its place. He Pendulum Summoned another Purple Poison from the Extra Deck, in Defense Position.


Frazier Smith 2


Smith drew The White Stone of Ancients. He used Dark Matter’s effect to let it attack twice this turn, and had it wipe out Astrograph Sorcerer, then Purple Poison. Purple Poison destroyed Alternative White Dragon, and Star Pendulumgraph let Mauck search for Harmonizing Magician. Smith’s Dragon Spirit attacked directly. In Main Phase 2, Smith Tributed Dark Matter and Dragon Spirit to play the Dragon Spirit in his hand, and had it banish the Purple Poison in Mauck’s Pendulum Zone.

Mauck played Performapal Skullcrobat Joker to add White Wing Magician to his hand, and played it in his Pendulum Zone. He Pendulum Summoned Harmonizing Magician from his hand and Black Fang Magician from his Extra Deck, but had nothing to search for with Harmonizing’s effect. He Tuned Harmonizing to Black Fang for Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing! Its effect left Smith wide open, and Mauck took the first Duel!


R5 D1


Taylor Mauck manages to play through a veritable sea of Dragons, pulling off a huge win with a Dragon of his own! Smith chose to play first for the second Duel.

Duel 2

Smith began with Anti-Spell Fragrance, Return of the Dragon Lords, Trade-In, Dragon Shrine, and Twin Twisters. He played Dragon Shrine, sending Dragon Spirit of White and The White Stone of Legend to the Graveyard, then added Blue-Eyes White Dragon to his hand. He used Trade-In, discarding Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but Mauck had Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring! Smith Set the rest of his hand to his back row.

Smith flipped Anti-Spell Fragrance immediately. Mauck Normal Summoned Purple Poison and attacked directly.

Smith drew The White Stone of Ancients. He flipped Return of the Dragon Lords, trying to get back Blue-Eyes, but Mauck had D.D. Crow!

Mauck Normal Summoned Performapal Skullcrobat Joker, adding Wisdom-Eye Magician to his hand. He attacked directly with Purple Poison and Skullcrobat Joker, then Xyz Summoned Tornado Dragon! It destroyed Smith’s Twin Twisters. When Smith drew his next card, he conceded!


R5 D2


Taylor Mauck managed to play through an Anti-Spell Fragrance with his Pendulum Magician Deck, emerging victorious in this Match!