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Round 8 Feature Match: Kesavan Kushnalnagar vs. Richard Wattle

September 24th, 2017

We saw Rochester Duelist Kesavan Kushalnagar in our Round 1 Feature Match, where he totally dominated with Trickstars. He’s back again, with a nearly perfect record – he has only lost one time, ironically against another Trickstar Deck. He’s facing Richard Wattle, a Michigan Duelist using Pendulum Magicians. It’s the final Swiss Round today, and these Duelists are looking to finish with a strong start on Day 2. It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Kushalnagar won the dice roll and chose to play first. He had 2 Droll & Lock Bird, Pot of Desires, Cosmic Cyclone, and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. He played Pot of Desires, drawing another Cosmic Cyclone and Trickstar Light Stage. He played Light Stage, getting Trickstar Candina to his hand, and played that to add Trickstar Reincarnation to his hand as well. He Set the Cyclones and Reincarnation.

Wattle played Double Iris Magician, then Duelist Alliance, taking 200 damage from both Candina and Light Stage for each of his cards. Duelist Alliance added Star Pendulumgraph to his hand, and Kushalnagar flipped Trickstar Reincarnation, then Chained Droll & Lock Bird! Droll & Lock applied its effect, then Reincarnation banished Wattle’s hand. Wattle had nothing to do but pass!

Kushalnagar drew Trickstar Lilybell and Normal Summoned it. He attacked with his Trickstars and passed. When Wattle drew his one and only card, he conceded!


R8 D1


Kushalnagar starts off with the same insane combo he had in his Round 1 Feature Match, banishing Wattle’s hand completely! Wattle will play first in the second Duel.

Duel 2

Wattle began with Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer and Duelist Alliance, putting Star Pendulumgraph in his hand. He activated it, and played Purple Poison Magician in his Pendulum Zone. Luster Pendulum destroyed Purple Poison, adding another copy to his hand, and Star Pendulumgraph put Harmonizing Magician in his hand as well. He played his new Purple Poison in his Pendulum Zone, and Pendulum Summoned Harmonizing Magician and Black Fang Magician from his hand. Harmonizing’s effect Special Summoned Wisdom-Eye Magician, and he used them to Xyz Summon Performage Trapeze Magician. He Set one to his back row.

Kushalnagar had a hand of Pot of Desires, 2 Trickstar Light Stage, Trickstar Candina, Trickstar Lycoris, and Twin Twisters. He played Light Stage, adding a Lycoris to his hand. He used Light Stage’s effect to target Wattle’s Set card, and he flipped it up: Time Pendulumgraph. He played Pot of Desires, drawing Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and a Candina. He used Twin Twisters, discarding Candina, to destroy Time Pendulumgraph and Luster Pendulum. He played his second Candina, adding Trickstar Reincarnation to his hand. He activated his second Light Stage, searching for Trickstar Lilybell, and he Special Summoned it with its own effect. He activated both of his Lycoris effects, having them each target Candina. He Special Summoned them one after another, returning Candina to his hand. He Xyz Summoned Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction, sending it to wipe out the Trapeze Magician, and Lilybell attacked directly. Lilybell’s effect returned Candina to Kushalnagar’s hand, and he Set Reincarnation to finish his turn.

Wattle played Wisdom-Eye Magician in his Pendulum Zone, and used its effect to place Black Fang Magician in his Pendulum Zone. Wisdom-Eye’s destruction triggered Star Pendulumgraph, but Kushalnagar used Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to negate it. Wattle had no cards in hand, but still had Purple Poison in his Pendulum Zone, and a Black Fang in both his Main Monster Zone and Pendulum Zone. He Pendulum Summoned a Purple Poison from his Extra Deck in Defense Position. He used Black Fang’s Pendulum effect to halve the attack of Acid Golem, and Black Fang was destroyed, Special Summoning Harmonizing Magician! He Tuned Harmonizing Magician to Purple Poison for Enlightenment Paladin! Its effect added Duelist Alliance back to his hand, and he played it to add Double Iris Magician to his hand. Kushalnagar flipped up Trickstar Reincarnation to banish the Double Iris, and Wattle drew a new card in its place. Enlightenment Paladin blew away Acid Golem, and dealt 3000 damage with its effect! Black Fang destroyed Lilybell in battle as well. Wattle had 6500 Life Points remaining, to Kushalnagar’s 3100.

Kushalnagar drew Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. He played Candina, and it was negated by Wattle’s Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring! Kushalnagar banished Reincarnation from his Graveyard to Special Summon Lilybell. It attacked directly, adding Lycoris his hand. Candina attacked Black Fang, and Wattle used Purple Poison’s Pendulum effect to boost Black Fang’s ATK. Purple Poison was destroyed, and its effect destroyed Lilybell, while Star Pendulumgraph added Double Iris to Wattle’s hand. Black Fang won the battle, and Kushalnagar conceded. With only 3100 Life Points, Wattle’s Magician and Paladin were more than enough to finish this Duel.


R8 D2


Wattle evens the score, perfectly punishing Kushalnagar’s Acid Golem of Destruction! Kushalnagar will play first in this final Duel.

Duel 3

Kushalnagar had a hand of 2 Honest, 2 Trickstar Light Stage, and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He played Light Stage, adding Trickstar Lycoris to his hand. The second Light Stage came next, adding Trickstar Candina. He played Candina to search for Trickstar Reincarnation, then bounced Candina back to his hand for Lycoris to hit the field in Defense Position. He Set Reincarnation.

Wattle drew and took 200 damage from each of Lycoris and Light Stage. He played Wisdom-Eye Magician in the Pendulum Zone, and activated Duelist Alliance, but Kushalnagar used Ash Blossom to negate it. Wattle played Harmonizing Magician in his other Pendulum Zone, and used Wisdom-Eye’s effect to put Purple Poison Magician on the field. He Pendulum Summoned Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer from his hand, destroying Harmonizing Magician so he could add Performapal Skullcrobat Joker to his hand, taking another 400 damage from the Trickstar cards. Kushalnagar flipped Reincarnation, and Wattle used Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to negate it. (It doesn’t specify which player must draw the card for Ash Blossom to be used!) Wattle Normal Summoned Skullcrobat Joker, adding Double Iris Magician to his hand and taking yet another 400 damage. He sent his Sorcerer to destroy Lycoris in battle, and Kushalnagar used Reincarnation to bring it back to the field in Attack Position. When Skullcrobat Joker attacked Lycoris, Honest came down to change the tide of battle! As Honest was activated, the round timer ended, meaning the Duel will end in five more turns. Wattle responded to Honest with the effect of Purple Poison to boost his Skullcrobat Joker. Since Purple Poison destroys itself to use that effect, its other effect activated to destroy Lycoris before damage was calculated! Skullcrobat Joker survived in the face of Honest! In Main Phase 2, Wattle used his Performapals to Xyz Summon Performage Trapeze Magician.

Kushalnagar drew Trickstar Reincarnation. He Normal Summoned Candina, searching for Trickstar Lilybell, and Special Summoned it. Candina attacked the Trapeze Magician, and Kushalnagar’s second Honest came down to let Candina win the battle! He dealt 2000 total damage, thanks to Light Stage (Trapeze Magician’s effect no longer applied once it was destroyed). Lilybell attacked directly as well, returning Lycoris to his hand with Lilybell’s effect. He Special Summoned Lycoris, bouncing Lilybell to his hand, and attacked that. Kushalnagar had 800 Life Points, while Wattle had 1800.

Wattle took 400 damage when he drew his card. He Set a monster and a back row card.

Kushalnagar drew Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He Normal Summoned Lilybell, and moved to the Battle Phase. Lilybell attacked directly, leaving Wattle with 400 Life Points thanks to Light Stage. Kushalnagar flipped Reincarnation to make Wattle draw one more card, burning him for the last 400 damage he needed!


R8 D3


Kesavan Kushalnagar is victorious with Trickstars!