Top Tables Update: Round 5

September 23rd, 2017

Check out who’s Dueling at the top 10 tables of the UDS Invitational – Summer 2017!


Table 1: Barrett Keys (True Draco) vs. Noah Greene (Performapal Magician)

Table 2: Michael State (Trickstar) vs. Jeff Jones (Performapal Magician)

Table 3: Manav Dawar (True Draco Invoked) vs. Nestor Tambassopoulos (ABC)

Table 4: Mohammad Khan (Performapal Magician) vs. Zachary Poling (Infernoid)

Table 5: Melvin Torres (Performapal Magician) vs. Jesse Kotton (Performapal Magician)

Table 6: Elvis Vu (ABC) vs. Ruben Penaranda (Performapal Magician)

Table 7: James Blalock (Trickstar) vs. Travis Smith (Performapal Magician)

Table 8: Dillon Ramsoomye (True Draco Windwitch Invoked) vs. Patrick James (Performapal Magician)

Table 9: Carter Wix-Peeler (Performapal Magician) vs. Zachary Sitek (Performapal Magician)

Table 10: Jorge Sosa (True Draco) vs. Aaron Valliere (True Draco Spellbook)


Performapal Magicians seem to be the most represented at the top tables, but there’s a strong variety of Decks up there! Will Performapal Magicians continue to reign supreme in the tournament, or will a different Deck overtake its dominance? Follow the coverage to find out!