Top Tables Update: Round 6

September 23rd, 2017

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the top 10 tables in Round 6 of the UDS Invitational – Summer 2017!


Table 1: Jeff Jones (Pendulum Magicians) vs. Zachary Poling (Lightsworn Infernoids)

Table 2: Gabriel Marini (True Draco) vs. Noah Greene (Pendulum Magicians)

Table 3: Elvis Vu (ABC) vs. Jesse Kotton (Pendulum Magicians)

Table 4: Carter Wix-Peeler (Pendulum Magicians) vs. Nestor Tambassopoulos (ABC)

Table 5: Dillon Ramsoomye (True Draco Invoked) vs. Travis Smith (Pendulum Magicians)

Table 6: Melvin Torres (Pendulum Magicians) vs. Marcus Fontice (Pendulum Magicians)

Table 7: James Blalock (Trickstars) vs. Richard Wattle (Pendulum Magicians)

Table 8: Manav Dawar (True Draco) vs. Aaron Levy (Infernoid)

Table 9: Lee Pape (True Draco) vs. Aaron Valliere (True Draco)

Table 10: Jack Belter (ABC) vs. Griffin Meier (True Draco Invoked)


There are Pendulum Magicians, Lightsworn Infernoids, True Dracos, ABCs, Invoked, and Trickstars at the top 10 tables. Are these the Decks that will make it to Day 2 and beyond? Follow the coverage to find out!