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Dragon Duel Finals: Pablo Felipe Espinoza vs. Alejandro Jimenez Jacinto

October 9th, 2017

We have one more Match for another Championship title. This time, we’re seeing the battle for the title of YCS Guadalajara Dragon Duel Champion! Pablo Espinoza is from right here in Guadalajara. He won today’s Dragon Duel, and is packing an ABC Deck. He’s facing yesterday’s Dragon Duel winner, Alejandro Jimenez from Oaxaca, who’s using a Dinosaur strategy.

Duel 1

Espinoza began with Terraforming to get Union Hangar. He played it search for B-Buster Drake, and he Normal Summoned it. With Union Hangar, he equipped it with A-Assault Core. He Set one card to his back row.

Jimenez began with 2 Souleating Oviraptor, Double Evolution Pill, Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju, Set Rotation, and True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher. In the Draw Phase, Espinoza used Maxx “C”. Jimenez played Oviraptor to put Miscellaneousaurus in his hand. He activated Agnimazud, destroying Miscellaneousaurus and Dogoran to Special Summon it from his hand. Because both destroyed monsters were FIRE, Agnimazud banished Buster Drake! Jimenez attacked with Oviraptor and Agnimazud, and put Set Rotation face-down to finish his turn.

Espinoza played C-Crush Wyvern, and Union Hangar activated. In response, Jimenez flipped Set Rotation! He placed Dragonic Diagram on his own field, and Lost World on Espinoza’s. Espinoza flipped up Pot of Desires, then used Dark Hole to clear the field. Crush Wyvern Special Summoned A-Assault Core from Espinoza’s hand. He Set one card in his back row, and attacked with Assault Core.

Jimenez drew Babycerasaurus! He flipped up Diagram, using it to destroy Babycerasaurus. With the two effects, he added Agnimazud to his hand and Special Summoned Oviraptor. Its effect added another Babycerasaurus to his hand. He Normal Summoned it, and used Oviraptor to destroy it, bringing the other Babycerasaurus back to the field. The destroyed Baby Special Summoned Giant Rex. Then, he played Double Evolution Pill! He banished Agnimazud and Babycerasaurus from his Graveyard, and Special Summoned Ultimate Conductor Tyranno! He banished Miscellaneousaurus from the Graveyard to Special Summon Jurrac Aeolo, then tuned it to Giant Rex for Hi-Speedroid Chanbara – Espinoza flipped Solemn Strike. Jimenez destroyed his Babycerasaurus to use Ultimate Conductor Tyranno’s effect, turning Assault Core face-down and Special Summoning Tyranno Infinity, with 2000 ATK. He went to the Battle Phase, and finished off the rest of Espinoza’s Life Points!

Jimenez takes the first Duel with an explosive series of Dinosaur combos!

Duel 2

Espinoza chose to play first. He started with Terraforming, and Jimenez used Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. But Espinoza already had a Union Hangar in his hand, and he played it to search for C-Crush Wyvern! He Normal Summoned it, using Hangar to equip it with B-Buster Drake. He Set two more cards in his back row.

Jimenez’s hand was Fossil Dig, Babycerasaurus, Dimensional Barrier, Set Rotation, and Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju. He used Set Rotation, getting Diagram for himself and Lost World for Espinoza. He flipped up Diagram, and Espinoza had Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it! Fossil Dig came next, for Souleating Oviraptor, and he Summoned it to put Ultimate Conductor Tyranno in his hand. Oviraptor destroyed Crush Wyvern in battle, and Espinoza Special Summoned A-Assault Core. Jimenez Set Dimensional Barrier.

In the Draw Phase, Jimenez flipped Dimensional Barrier, declaring Fusion. Espinoza activated Lost World, then played Union Hangar to add Crush Wyvern to his hand. He Normal Summoned it and equipped it with Buster Drake, and passed his turn.

Jimenez drew another Oviraptor and Summoned it, putting Miscellaneousaurus in his hand. He discarded it for its effect, then banished it to Special Summon Jurrac Aeolo. He tuned Aeolo to Oviraptor for Hi-Speedroid Chanbara! It attacked Crush Wyvern, and Buster Drake added an Assault Core to his hand. Chanbara attacked again, taking out Assault Core. Finally, Oviraptor attacked, leaving Espinoza with 4700 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, Jimenez banished two Dinosaurs to Special Summon Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, and Espinoza flipped Torrential Tribute!

Espinoza played Terraforming to get a new Union Hangar, using it to search for Buster Drake. He Summoned it and equipped it with Crush Wyvern, then banished one of each of his Union Monsters to play ABC-Dragon Buster!

Jimenez drew Petiteranodon, and Espinoza banished his Dragon Buster to bring Assault Core, Buster Drake, and Crush Wyvern back to the field in Defense Position. Jimenez Set Petiteranodon.

Espinoza used his Union Monsters to play Decode Talker, then banished them for a new ABC-Dragon Buster! Decode Talker destroyed Petiteranodon, then Dragon Buster and Buster Drake attacked directly. Jimenez was down to 2900 Life Points. Espinoza Set one card in his back row.

Jimenez drew Cosmic Cyclone, and Espinoza once again banished Dragon Buster to return the ABC monsters to the field. Jimenez had no way to get through them, and conceded!

Espinoza has evened the score, dropping multiple copies of ABC-Dragon Buster! One more Duel will determine the Champion.

Duel 3

Jimenez had Lost World, Dragonic Diagram, Babycerasaurus, Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, and Cosmic Cyclone. He played Diagram and destroyed Babycerasaurus, letting him add True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher to his hand and Special Summon Souleating Oviraptor. Oviraptor put Petiteranodon in his hand, and he Normal Summoned it. Oviraptor destroyed Petiteranodon to bring back Babycerasaurus, and Petiteranodon Special Summoned Miscellaneousaurus. He destroyed Miscellaneousaurus and Babycerasaurus to Special Summon Agnimazud, and Babycerasaurus Special Summoned Giant Rex. He banished Miscellaneousaurus to Special Summon Jurrac Aeolo, tuning it to Giant Rex and Oviraptor for Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier! It banished Terraforming from Espinoza’s hand. Next, he stacked Trishula with Agnimazud for Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir, and banished Solemn Warning from Espinoza’s hand! He activated Lost World, then banished Petiteranodon and Giant Rex to Special Summon Ultimate Conductor Tyranno! Giant Rex Special Summoned itself. Lost World gave a Jurraegg Token to Espinoza, and Jimenez Set Cosmic Cyclone to finish his crazy turn.

Espinoza played Union Hangar, and Jimenez banished it with Cosmic Cyclone. Espinoza played Silver Gadget, then Set a card to his back row.

Jimenez drew Fossil Dig. He used Enterblathnir to banish Espinoza’s Set Solemn Strike, and Espinoza conceded defeat!

Alejandro Jimenez is your YCS Guadalajara Dragon Duel Champion!