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Finals Feature Match: Juan Sebastian Andrade Castro vs. Luis Gabriel Romo Rosas

October 9th, 2017

It all comes down to this! In a matchup that seems indicative of the entire tournament, we have True Draco versus Pendulum Magicians! Juan Andrade, from Ecuador, has already won a UDS Invitational, and he’s hungry to become a YCS Champion too! His True Dracos are being faced by the Pendulum Magicians piloted by Luis Romo, from San Luis. Romo’s no slouch either – he made it to 3rd place of the Central American WCQ this year. One of these talented Duelists is about to become the Champion of YCS Guadalajara – it’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

The Duelists shook hands, and rolled the dice – Andrade won and chose to play first. He began with True Draco Heritage; Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster; Spellbook Magician of Prophecy; Dragonic Diagram; and Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior. He played the Spellbook Magician to get Spellbook of Secrets, and used that for Spellbook of Knowledge. He played Heritage, and used it to Tribute Summon Ignis Heat. He played Knowledge next, and Romo used Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. That was exactly why Andrade Summoned Ignis Heat first, and he used its effect to get another Heritage in his hand. He played it to draw True King’s Return! He played Diagram, using it to destroy Heritage and add Disciples of the True Dracophoenix to his hand. He played it, and activated its effect, letting him Tribute Spellbook Magician to play Majesty Maiden. Andrade Set True King’s Return to finish his turn.

Romo played Performapal Skullcrobat Joker and used its effect. Andrade responded with Majesty Maiden, adding Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King to his hand. Romo got Wisdom-Eye Magician to his hand, then played Double Iris in his Pendulum Zone. Ignis Heat put Disciples in Andrade’s hand. Romo played Wisdom-Eye and used its effect to tag in Oafdragon Magician. Oafdragon put Wisdom-Eye back in Romo’s hand. Then, he used Double Iris on Joker, and searched for Star Pendulumgraph. He played it and Wisdom-Eye, using their effects to place a new Double Iris in the Pendulum Zone and a Harmonizing Magician in Romo’s hand. Romo Pendulum Summoned four monsters – Double Iris from the Extra Deck and Purple Poison Magician, Harmonizing Magician, and Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer from his hand! The Pendulum Sorcerer destroyed the Pendulum Zone Double Iris, adding a Skullcrobat Joker to Romo’s hand, then Harmonizing Magician brought another Purple Poison to the field. The destroyed Double Iris put Time Pendulumgraph in Romo’s hand. At this time, Andrade flipped True King’s Return, Tributing Return and Majesty Maiden for Master Peace! True King’s Return destroyed Romo’s Harmonizing Magician! However, Romo had Astrograph Sorcerer! He Special Summoned it and added a Wisdom-Eye Magician to his hand. Romo stacked Double Iris with a Purple Poison for Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight! He played Wisdom-Eye Magician in his Pendulum Zone and got Purple Poison in the Pendulum Zone. He sent Joker to attack Master Peace, using Purple Poison to boost Joker’s ATK to 3000! When Purple Poison destroyed itself, it took Dragonic Diagram down too! Joker destroyed Master Peace, and Romo sent the rest of his monsters to drop Andrade to 2650 Life Points. Romo Set one card face-down.

Andrade drew Cosmic Cyclone. He used his Disciples effect to try drawing a card. Romo flipped Time Pendulumgraph to destroy Disciples, Andrade played Cosmic Cyclone, and Romo used Cairngorgon to redirect it! Andrade had nothing left!

Romo is just one win away from the title of YCS Champion! Andrade isn’t out yet, however. He didn’t win that UDS Championship Belt for nothing! He’s got a rough road ahead, though – he needs to win two in a row now.

Duel 2

Andrade began with Terraforming, Quaking Mirror Force, True King’s Return, Unending Nightmare, and Master Peace. He used Terraforming to get Dragonic Diagram, Set his Trap Cards, and used Diagram to destroy Master Peace and add Majesty Maiden to his hand.

In the Standby Phase, Andrade brought Master Peace back in Defense Position using True King’s Return. Romo played Skullcrobat Joker to get Wisdom-Eye Magician. He activated Wisdom-Eye in the Pendulum Zone, then used Duelist Alliance to get Double Iris. Andrade flipped Unending Nightmare, trying to take out Wisdom-Eye, but Romo had Cosmic Cyclone to banish the Nightmare! Romo used Wisdom-Eye to get Oafdragon to the field, and it returned Wisdom-Eye to the hand. He used Double Iris on Joker, searching for Star Pendulumgraph. He played it, and used Wisdom-Eye yet again. He put Double Iris on the field, and Star Pendulumgraph put a new Wisdom-Eye in his hand. He Pendulum Summoned Double Iris from the Extra Deck and Harmonizing Magician from his hand, which Special Summoned White Wing Magician. He used White Wing Magician and Double Iris to play Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing, and its effect activated. Andrade responded by Tributing True King’s Return to play Majesty Maiden. Clear Wing wiped out Andrade’s monsters, and True King’s Return destroyed Harmonizing Magician. He attacked, and had his monsters turned face-down by Quaking Mirror Force. Romo Set one to his back row.

Andrade drew Majesty Maiden, and destroyed it with Diagram to get Disciples. He played it, and Romo used Time Pendulumgraph to destroy Disciples and his own Double Iris. Star Pendulumgraph and Disciples activated their effects – Disciples destroyed Time Pendulumgraph, and Star Pendulumgraph added Black Fang Magician to Romo’s hand. Andrade had nothing but Diagram left, and passed his turn.

Romo’s monsters were stuck face-down due to Quaking Mirror Force. He Tributed Clear Wing and Joker to play Zaphion, the Timelord! That cleared up his Extra Monster Zone – when he played Black Fang in his Pendulum Zone, Andrade offered the handshake!

Luis Romo is your newest YCS Champion!