QQ: Circuit Break Expectations?

October 8th, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! We’re only two weeks away from the release of Circuit Break. How will CIBR affect their Decks?

“The whole format will have to play SPYRALs.” =Emanuel Masson

“I don’t know which new cards are going to come out in CIBR, but I’m excited to see more Link Monsters.” -Julio Formin

“Radically.” -Gustavo G.

“We’ll see… SPYRAL.” -Name illegible (Sorry, Duelist!)

“I don’t know, bro.” -Roberto Guzman

Anti-Spell Fragrance vs. SPYRAL, and I’ll play HERO instead of Pendulum.” -Jesus Cristobal Espinosa Ramirez

“Quite a lot, to stop SPYRAL.” -Diego Eduardo Ballesteros Higareda

“The banishing trap and Magician Link.” -Joan Michol Molina (Those would be Evenly Matched and Akashic Magician)

“I’ll make a Vendread Deck.” -Jose Luis Tapia Galvan

“A lot with the new Links.” -Ricardo Galvez

“It won’t modify my Deck.” -Edgar Omar Gonzalez Hernandez

“More Link Monsters!” -Jose Emmanuel Ramirez Perez

Most Duelists are either planning to play, or play against, the new SPYRAL Deck. Though SPYRAL has been around a while now, their new Link Monster SPYRAL Double Helix is a fantastic addition to the strategy. Almost all of our non-SPYRAL answers were in regards to the many new Link Monsters. Duelists are excited to get their hands on more!