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QQ: How to combat Pendulum Magicians?

October 9th, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! After the Orlando UDS Invitational, Pendulum Magicians showed that they were the biggest strategy to contend with. Did their performance cause you to change your Deck in any way?

“Yes, Anti-Spell Fragrance.” -Gerald South Chaves

“No, I still play Magicians.” -E.M.

Anti-Spell Fragrance” -Salvador Vargas

“I’m actually playing Pendulum Magicians because of its consistency.” -Adrian Madriz

“I added cards and traps to destroy Magicians, and also added two Effect Veiler to stop combos.” -Josue Emmanuel Ramirez Solorio

Twin Twisters and Anti-Spell Fragrance” -Gabriel Eduardo Rodriguez Wong

“I kept it the same.” -Edgar Omar Gonzalez Hernandez

“I added Anti-Spell Fragrance.” -Luis Fernando Perez Mateos

“It didn’t affect me.” -Javier Cuauhtemoc Salcedo Esquivel

Cosmic Cyclone” -Jose Luis Tapia Galvan

“Yes, Pendulum Hole.” -Joan Michol Molina

“3 Anti-Spell Fragrance in Side Deck and 2 Dimensional Barrier” -Renee Gonzalez

“I chose to play Cosmic Cyclone instead of Twin Twisters.” -Julia Formin

Most of our Duelists have begun using Anti-Spell Fragrance and Cosmic Cyclone as answers to the Magician threats. Anti-Spell Fragrance, if left unanswered, basically wins the Duel alone – if they can’t play cards in their Pendulum Zones, they can’t win. Cosmic Cyclone isn’t able to hit as many cards as Twin Twisters, but banishing a Magician will keep it from activating its effect. Many Duelists had their Decks affected in a different way – they switched to playing Pendulum Magicians themselves! It’s easy to see why, when the strategy offers explosive plays and amazing consistency.