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QQ: What’s your Duel Links ability?

October 9th, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! In the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, each character has special skills. Pegasus can begin the Duel with Toon World in play, Weevil can put Parasite Paracide in his opponent’s Deck, and Bandit Keith can use sleight of hand to trade the cards in his hand. Yami Yugi even has his signature destiny draw – when he’s falling behind, he can draw the exact card he needs to win! These skills reflect the characters’ personality and play styles. If you had a unique skill, what would it be?

“Destiny Draw” -Christopher Labansat

“Open with Pot of Desires always.” -Roberto Guzman

“The ability to win like Kaiba because I love OTK Decks.” -Julio Formin

“My opponent wouldn’t be able to activate hand traps (Like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring)” -Jesus Cristobal Espinosa Ramirez

“Destiny Draw” -Gerald South Chaves

“To take an extra card.” -Diego Eduardo Ballesteros Higareda

“If I have less Life Points and no cards in my hand, I take two cards.” -Joan Michol Molina

“Destiny Draw” -Salvador Vargas

“Jaden’s – placing Skyscraper on the field.” -Jose Luis Tapia Galvan

“Beginning with Field cards.” -Abraham Tollez

“Always opening with Raigeki.” -Ricardo Galvez

“To win!” -Martin A. (That’s not a special skill, Martin.)

“Draw seven.” -Gabriel Eduardo Rodriguez Wong

“The ability to bring banished cards back to the Graveyard.” -Josue Emmanuel Ramirez Solorio

“Destiny Draw” -Adrian Madriz

“Sacrifice Life Points to steal cards.” -Renee Gonzalez

“Begin with six cards” -Gustavo G.

“Destiny Draw” -Jose Carrillo

There were a lot of creative answers, but most Duelists just want Yugi’s Destiny Draw ability! Why not: It’s not just useful, but it’s the most dramatic and exciting part of watching Yugi Duel!