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QQ: What’s Your Favorite Card from Circuit Break?

October 22nd, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! We asked the Duelists in attendance this weekend which card from Circuit Break is their favorite. Check out their responses!


SPYRAL Double Helix, because it looks cool.” – Jarred Randolph, Delaware

Borreload Dragon.” – Perry Smith, Connecticut

Evenly Matched. It’s unfair.” – Jerald Acosta, New Jersey

Akashic Magician. It looks cool.” – Andrew Fredella, Florida

Evenly Matched.” – Alberto Marazzi, Italy

SPYRAL Double Helix because I’m playing it.” – Sean Miller, Georgia

SPYRAL Double Helix.” – Marjanco Gorgievski, Michigan

Evenly Matched. It’s a Secret Rare so I’m less likely to get hit by it this weekend.” – Avery Foster, Texas


SPYRAL Double Helix seems popular for both gameplay and flavor reasons, while Evenly Matched is also up there in popularity due to its power to swing a Duel back in a player’s favor. Stay tuned for more QQs here from YCS Dallas!