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QQ: Which Cards Are You Using To Get Ahead of the Competition?

October 22nd, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions!  In a large field where a single strategy is seen among a high percentage of players, unexpected cards can often make the difference in a player’s Deck, giving them options their opponents didn’t prepare for.  We asked the Duelists in attendance today what surprise cards they’re using to get ahead of the competition.

“Artifacts.” – Mason Mattila, Wisconsin

Herald of the Arc Light.” – Majanco Gorgievski, Michigan

Psi-Blocker.” – Avery Foster, Texas

“I am Main Decking 13 ‘hand traps’ to combat SPYRAL.” – Brian Rayos, California

Artifact Sanctum.” – Josh Rice

Evenly Matched and Dimensional Fissure.” – James Rowland, Oklahoma

Retaliating “C”.” – Sean Miller

“13 ‘hand traps’.” – Alberto Marazzi, Italy

Evenly Matched.” – Jerald Acosta, New Jersey

Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir.” –  Perry Smith, Georgia

Solemn Scolding.” – Marcello Barberi, Italy

Artifact Lancea.” – Giovanni Gonzalez, Florida


The most said answers were the Artifact monsters, whose effects activate during the opponent’s turn for some great effect, or monster effects that activate in the hand during the opponent’s turn, which allow for an interaction that wouldn’t be there otherwise.  Stay tuned for more QQ’s from this weekend’s YCS!