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Round 2 Feature Match: Steven Alfonso Hernandez vs. Tien Thomas Quang Pham

October 21st, 2017

Steven Alfonso Hernandez is from Grand Prairie, Texas and has an Invoked Blue-Eyes Deck with him!  He won his first round and has been paired up at Table 20 against Tien Thomas Quang Pham from Frisco, Texas. Pham has a SPYRAL Deck with him, which is a popular pick this weekend. Who will advance to 2-0 in the tournament?  Let’s find out!  It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Hernandez started off with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Soul Charge, Sage with Eyes of Blue, Magical Meltdown and Trade-In. He started off with Magical Meltdown, searching for Aleister the Invoker, which was Normal Summoned and whose effect was activated to add Invocation to his hand. Then, Hernandez activated Sage with Eyes of Blue’s effect from hand, sending Aleister to the Graveyard to Special Summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the Deck!  Next, Invocation was activated, banishing Sage with Eyes of Blue and Aleister to Fusion Summon Invoked Mechaba!  Invocation’s effect sent itself back to the Deck to add the banished Aleister back to hand.

Pham activated Dragon Ravine, and used the effect to send Droll & Lock Bird from hand to Graveyard but Hernandez used Mechaba to negate and banish Dragon Ravine!  Next, Pham attempted to use Foolish Burial but Hernandez used Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to negate it!  Then, Pham activated SPYRAL Super Agent calling monster, with Hernandez revealing The White Stone of Legend. SPYRAL Super Agent came down and used its effect to destroy Magical Meltdown.

Hernandez drew The White Stone of Legend. Mechaba destroyed SPYRAL Super Agent by battle.

Pham Normal Summoned SPYRAL GEAR – Drone and Pham activated its effect but Hernandez chained Mechaba’s effect and that was enough to force a concession. Hernandez takes a quick Duel 1!



Duel 2

Hernandez started with a hand of Dragon Spirit of White, 2 copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Effect Veiler and Return of the Dragon Lords.



Pham started off with SPYRAL Resort, whose effect added SPYRAL GEAR – Drone to hand. Pham then Normal Summoned SPYRAL GEAR – Drone, but its effect was shut down by Hernandez’s Effect Veiler!  Pham followed up with Terraforming, which found another Resort that searched for SPYRAL Super Agent. SPYRAL Super Agent’s effect was used to call Monsters, and revealed Sage with Eyes of Blue. SPYRAL Super Agent was Special Summoned, and SPYRAL GEAR – Drone was used to Link Summon SPYRAL Double Helix!  Its effect was used to Special Summon SPYRAL Master Plan from the Deck and that was enough to force Hernandez to concede!  “I knew you were going to end it next turn and Sage with Eyes of Blue wasn’t going to help!”



Duel 3

We started the third Duel with 30 minutes left in the round!  Hernandez started off with Anti-Spell FragranceTrade-In, Twin Twisters, Effect Veiler, and The White Stone of Legend. He Set 3 to the back row and passed.

In Pham’s Standby Phase, Hernandez activated Anti-Spell Fragrance; but Pham chained Set Rotation from hand!  He Set SPYRAL Resort to his field and Dragon Ravine to Hernandez’s side (which could come back to haunt Pham since Hernandez is using a Deck full of Dragons). Pham then flipped up SPYRAL Resort but Hernandez chained Twin Twisters to destroy SPYRAL Resort. Hernandez then used the discarded The White Stone of Legend’s effect to add Blue-Eyes White Dragon to hand. Hernandez Normal Summoned SPYRAL GEAR – Drone and attempted to activate its effect but Hernandez chained Effect Veiler!  Pham used SPYRAL GEAR – Drone to attack for 100. He Set 2 to the back row and passed.



Hernandez drew Maxx “C” for turn. He activated the Set Trade-In discarding Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but Pham Chained Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring from hand to stop the draw! He passed there.

Pham activated his Set Machine Duplication and Hernandez chained Maxx “C”!  Two copies of SPYRAL GEAR – Drone were Special Summoned and Hernandez drew a card. Pham activated the effects of the two SPYRAL GEAR – Drone‘s to rearrange the top 3 cards of his Deck. He then Link Summoned SPYRAL Double Helix!  He then activated SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire to send Hernandez’s Anti-Spell Fragrance to the top of the Deck. He then used SPYRAL Resort’s effect to try to search; but Hernandez chained Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit to destroy SPYRAL Resort!  Next, he used SPYRAL Double Helix’s effect to call Traps (since he knew Anti-Spell Fragrance was still on top of Hernandez’s Deck) to Special Summon SPYRAL Master Plan from the Deck!  Then Master Plan’s effect was used to add SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue from Deck to hand. Pham used SPYRAL Master Plan and SPYRAL GEAR – Drone to Link Summon Ib the World Chalice Priestess. Master Plan’s effect activated in the Graveyard, adding SPYRAL Super Agent and SPYRAL Resort to hand. SPYRAL Super Agent’s effect called Monster which revealed Dragon Spirit of White, and SPYRAL Super Agent was Special Summoned!  Pham then activated SPYRAL Resort to add a SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort, and SPYRAL Sleeper was Special Summoned by banishing a SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire, a SPYRAL Resort and a SPYRAL GEAR – Drone from the Graveyard. That was enough to end it right there!  Hernandez extended the handshake!



Pham takes the win with SPYRAL!