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Top Tables Update: Round 11

October 22nd, 2017

Check out who’s Dueling at the top 10 tables in the final Swiss Round of YCS Dallas!


Table 1: Gabriel Marini (SPYRAL) vs. Justin Gardner (SPYRAL)

Table 2: Brian Rayos (SPYRAL) vs. Sean Hinson (SPYRAL)

Table 3: Alexander Cancel (SPYRAL) vs. Daniel Garcia (SPYRAL)

Table 4: Drew Johnson (Trickstar) vs. Nicholas Fantus-Reininger (SPYRAL)

Table 5: Kevin Ward (SPYRAL) vs. Daniel Thorp (SPYRAL)

Table 6: Marcello Barberi (SPYRAL) vs. Michael Forner (SPYRAL)

Table 7: Robert Scarpelli (SPYRAL) vs. Manav Dawar (SPYRAL)

Table 8: Manuel Lopez (SPYRAL) vs. Jarred Randolph (SPYRAL)

Table 9: Brenden Beckmann (SPYRAL) vs. Kolten Trevino (SPYRAL)

Table 10: Dean Arbuckle (SPYRAL) vs. Cristopher Ramos (Dinosaur)


SPYRAL Decks continue to dominate the top 10 tables, but there’s a Trickstar Deck and a Dinosaur Deck among them. Follow the coverage of YCS Dallas to see which Deck ultimately prevails!