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Top Tables Update: Round 6

October 22nd, 2017

Here’s what the top tables look like during Round 6!


  • Gregory Tyrone Farley III (SPYRAL) vs. Michael Forner (SPYRAL)
  • Brendan Elijiah Beckmann (SPYRAL) vs. Randy Louis Richardson Jr. (SPYRAL)
  • Brian John Kalina (SPYRAL) vs. Justin Paul Gardner (SPYRAL)
  • Gerardo Varela (SPYRAL) vs. Dablessin Jaquise Wilson (SPYRAL)
  • Manav Dawar (SPYRAL) vs. Mohammed Imran Khan (SPYRAL)
  • Kevin Michael Ward II (SPYRAL) vs. Leonard Ray Williams (ABC)
  • Paul Cordell Crum (SPYRAL) vs. Marcello Barberi (SPYRAL)
  • Luis Rodolfo Uvalle Lumbreras (SPYRAL) vs. Daniel Arthur Thorp (SPYRAL)
  • Gabriel Matthias Marini (SPYRAL) vs. Michael Dylan Fox (SPYRAL)
  • Brian Nicholas Snow (SPYRAL) vs. Davin Devara (SPYRAL)

This time, the undefeated Duelists go through Table 14. As you can see, 19 of the 20 players at Tables 1-10 are using a SPYRAL Deck, so it appears SPYRAL is the Deck to beat in this tournament.  Stay tuned for further updates as the event continues!