Welcome to YCS Guadalajara!

October 7th, 2017

We’re here at the Hotel Mision Guadalajara Carlton, where 391 Duelists have arrived to Duel for glory! This is the first YCS worldwide since the newest Forbidden & Limited List dropped. We got a taste of the new format at the UDS Invitational in Orlando, but now Duelists have had a few weeks to playtest and fine tune their Decks.

Pendulum Magicians proved to be the dominant strategy in Orlando, but we also saw True Dracos, Trickstars, and ABC Decks, just to name a few. Will Pendulums rise to the top again, or have Duelists found their weaknesses?

We’ll have nine rounds of Swiss today, followed by a cut to the Top 16 tomorrow. Round 1 is about to begin, so check back soon!