YCS Guadalajara, Mexico: Top 16

October 9th, 2017

Here are your Top 16 Duelists:

1st place – Jose Maitret Lagunes (25 points, Pendulum Magician)
2nd place – Paulo Roberto Goncalves da Silva (24 points, Pendulum Magician)
3rd place – Luis Christian Villalpando Chavez (24 points, True Draco)
4th place – Luis Gabriel Romo Rosas (24 points, Pendulum Magician)
5th place – Renee Gonzalez Villalobos (24 points, Trickstar)
6th place – Adrian Madriz Espinoza (22 points, Pendulum Magician)
7th place – Juan Sebastian Andrade Castro (22 points, True Draco)
8th place – Alejandro Aldair Navarro Sanchez (22 points, SPYRAL)
9th place – Cesar Giovanny Victoria Betanzos (22 points, Pendulum Magician)
10th place – Ricardo Lora Zavala (22 points, True Draco/King Dinosaur)
11th place – Galileo Mauricio De Obaldia (22 points, Pendulum Magician)
12th place – Carlos Tadeo Ramirez Velazquez (22 points, Pendulum Magician)
13th place – Oscar Alexis Vargas Martinez (21 points, Pendulum Magician)
14th place – Jose Carlo Carrillo Toscano (21 points, True Draco)
15th place – Rodolfo David Rosete Alcantara (21 points, True Draco)
16th place – Domingo Obed Espejel Jimenez (21 points, Pendulum Magicians)

That makes 9 Pendulum Magician, 4 True Draco, 1 Dinosaur True Draco/King, 1 Trickstar, and 1 SPYRAL.

Pendulum Magicians have shown they are here to stay! Just over half the Top 16 Duelists have chosen Magicians to take them to the top. True Draco are next, with four representatives.

One Dinosaur Deck, mixed with the True Dracos and True Kings, has managed to make the cut. You can see it in action in Ricardo Lora’s Feature Match here [Manuel: Link to that match here]. A Trickstar Deck has made it in as well, showing they weren’t a fluke at the Orlando UDS Invitational. Finally, the most surprising is Alejandro Navarro’s SPYRAL Deck. You can see it in action in his Feature Match here [Manuel: Link to match here], where he won on his first turn!