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YCS San Diego: Dragon Duel Championship Match: Dylan Graves vs. Dawson Graves

November 20th, 2017

Reader, do we have an amazing Match for you or what. It’s yesterday’s Dragon Duel winner Dawson Graves, up against today’s winner and Dawson’s brother, Dylan Graves! These two Duelists are from nearby Bakersfield. Only one of them can become the YCS San Diego Dragon Duel Champion – this is sibling rivalry at its finest. Dawson is playing a Pendulum Magician Deck, while Dylan has chosen SPYRAL. The victor will not only become Champion – he’ll also get a trophy and one of each of the Darklord YCS Prize Cards!

Duel 1

Dawson won the roll and played first. He started with Oafdragon Magician, then used Duelist Alliance to get Star Pendulumgraph. He played it, then put Wisdom-Eye Magician in his Pendulum Zone. He destroyed Wisdom-Eye Magician to get Double Iris Magician in play, and his Pendulumgraph put Harmonizing Magician in his hand. He Pendulum Summoned Wisdom-Eye Magician and Harmonizing Magician, and Special Summoned Purple Poison Magician with Harmonizing. He stacked Harmonizing and Wisdom-Eye for Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir in Defense Position.

Dylan had Terraforming, SPYRAL GEAR – Drone, SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire, SPYRAL GEAR – Fully Armed, and SPYRAL Master Plan. He drew Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. He began with Terraforming, getting SPYRAL Resort, and played it to get SPYRAL Super Agent in his hand. He used Super Agent’s effect, calling monsters, and revealed Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring on top of Dawson’s Deck. He Normal Summoned Drone and Link Summoned SPYRAL Double Helix, and equipped it with Fully Armed! Since Link Monsters can’t be in Defense Position, they’re safe from the effect of Bagooska. Double Helix wiped out Bagooska, and Fully Armed banished Double Iris from the Pendulum Zone. Dawson used Star Pendulumgraph to get Wisdom-Eye Magician in his hand. In Main Phase 2, Dylan used Double Helix’s effect, calling monster, and Dawson used Ghost Ogre to destroy Double Helix. Still, the effect revealed Performapal Skullcrobat Joker on top of Dawson’s Deck so Dylan put SPYRAL Sleeper in his hand. Fully Armed brought Super Agent back to the field as well, and its effect destroyed Oafdragon. He Set Utility Wire, then Special Summoned Sleeper. In the End Phase, Resort was destroyed since there were no monsters in the Graveyard.

Dawson Normal Summoned Skullcrobat Joker, getting another Oafdragon to his hand. He played it in his Pendulum Zone, then Wisdom-Eye Magician in the other Zone. Dylan used Utility Wire to put Wisdom-Eye Magician on top of the Deck, then used Ghost Ogre to destroy Star Pendulumgraph! Dawson stacked Purple Poison and Skullcrobat Joker for Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion! Dylan used Sleeper’s effect to destroy itself and Dark Rebellion. When Sleeper went down, it wiped Dylan’s field and brought Super Agent back in its place.

Dylan drew Maxx “C”. He sent Super Agent to attack directly.

Dawson drew a card and passed.

Dylan drew PSY-Framegear Gamma, and attacked directly with Super Agent again.

Dawson Set a monster.

Dylan drew SPYRAL Mission – Assault. He activated it, and had Super Agent destroy Dawson’s Droll & Lock Bird. Assault let him draw SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue, and he Set it.

Dawson played Black Fang Magician and Wisdom-Eye Magician in his Pendulum Zones. Wisdom-Eye brought Purple Poison to the field, and Dylan used Maxx “C”. Dawson Pendulum Summoned Oafdragon Magician, and Dylan drew Foolish Burial Goods. Oafdragon destroyed Super Agent in battle.  In the End  Phase, Dylan flipped Rescue to get Super Agent back to his hand.

Dylan drew SPYRAL Resort! He activated it, using it to get SPYRAL Quik-Fix in his hand. He Normal Summoned it, this time getting SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red. He activated Super Agent in his hand, calling monster, and revealed Black Fang. It hit the field, destroying Purple Poison, which in turn destroyed Resort. Assault let Dylan draw SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort! He Link Summoned Double Helix and used its effect, but lost Double Helix to Ghost Ogre! He added SPYRAL Tough to his hand with the Helix effect. He played Big Red to get Double Helix back in his rightmost Main Monster Zone. He discarded Master Plan to bring Quik-Fix back, which put a new Big Red in his hand. Foolish Burial Goods sent a Rescue to the Graveyard, which he used to Special Summon Master Plan! He used his on-field Rescue to get Sleeper back to his hand. He then used Double Helix, Quik-Fix, and Master Plan for Borreload Dragon! Master Plan’s effect put a Resort and a Super Agent in his hand. He played Resort, then Special Summoned Sleeper! Dawson asked, “How do you have Sleeper in your hand?” “The effect of Rescue,” Dylan answered. “Question me all you want, now we got a judge watching us!” He equipped Sleeper with Last Resort, then had it target itself along with Black Fang and Oafdragon. Black Fang brought Purple Poison back in Defense Position. Dylan played Tough, destroying Purple Poison, which destroyed Resort. Finally, he moved to the Battle Phase and sent his monsters to end the first Duel!

Duel 2

Dawson began with Oafdragon and Black Fang in his Pendulum Zone, and Pendulum Summoned a Black Fang and Purple Poison. He Xyz Summoned Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir in Defense Position.

Dylan had a hand of SPYRAL Sleeper, Terraforming, PSY-Framegear Gamma, Utility Wire, and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. He drew SPYRAL Resort and played it to get Super Agent in his hand. Terraforming found another Resort, which got SPYRAL Quik-Fix. He used Super Agent, calling monster and revealing Wisdom-Eye Magician. He Normal Summoned Quik-Fix, and Link Summoned Double Helix. He called monster with it, and Dawson used Time Pendulumgraph, destroying his Black Fang and Resort. Double Helix Special Summoned Master Plan. He discarded Utility Wire to bring Quik-Fix back, and used it with Master Plan and Double Helix for Borreload Dragon! Master Plan’s effect put SPYRAL Resort and SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort in his hand. He played Resort and searched for Super Agent. Borreload attacked and took control of Bagooska. In Main Phase 2, Dylan Special Summoned Sleeper and equipped it with Last Resort. In the End Phase, SPYRAL Resort shuffled Quik-Fix back in the Deck.

Dawson played Wisdom-Eye Magician in his Pendulum Zone, using its effect, but Dylan used Ghost Ogre to destroy it. Dawson responded with Time Pendulumgraph, destroying Wisdom-Eye Magician and Resort. Bagooska was destroyed in the End Phase, then Sleeper used its effect to take out Oafdragon and Time Pendulumgraph.

Dylan drew Soul Charge. He Special Summoned Super Agent with its effect and attacked with everything, leaving Dawson with just 300 Life Points!

Dawson drew, with no cards but the one he just got… and he started picking up his cards!

Dylan Graves is your YCS San Diego Dragon Duel Champion!