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YCS San Diego: QQ – Best Perfomers in Dueling?

November 19th, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! We’ve seen many monster themes over the years which are focused on the entertainment world. There are monsters on the stage like the Abyss Actors and Aquaactresses. There are the singers like the Trickstars. Then there’s the zany antics of the Performapals. Even the Gouki are based on pro wrestlers! Which do the YCS San Diego Duelists think puts on the best show?

“Trickstars” -Javier Duran

“Performapals always” -Beau Johns

“Performapals – it’s a circus.” -Zach Butler

“Performapals” -James Markowitz

“What? No love for Saggi, Dream, and Crass Clowns? And you forgot Performages.” -Brian Koster, smart alec

“Gouki” -Paycer Mensik

“Trickstars of course, blue angel bling burns the competition!” -Michael State

“Performapals” -Fernando Tovar

“Performapals” -Jesus Tovar

“Burning Abyss” -Jesse Kotton and Matthew Bishop, who apparently didn’t read the question

“Trickstars. Light Stage sets up the show!” -Chris Ng

Performapals and Trickstars are the two big winners here! Looks like nobody cares for theater anymore…