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YCS San Diego: QQ – Favorite Deck of 2017?

November 19th, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! We’re in the final North American YCS of the year. Looking back on 2017, what has been your favorite Deck?

“Trickstar” -Emory Landry

“Paleozoics” -Brian Koster

“Hands down Metalfoes, I’m looking forward to the new support in the future.” -Paycer Mensik

“Magical Musketeers and True Draco” -Ridley Richards

“Paleozoic” -Michael State

Dark Magician” -Edward Name-Unknown

Dark Magician” -Fernando Tovar

“Zombie-Zoodiac-Predaplant-Spyral-Lightsworn-Grass 60 Cards. This is all one Deck! Got me to Worlds!” -Jesse Kotton

“Pendulum Magicians and Trickstars” -Chris Ng

“Zoodiac” -Matthew Bishop

“Zoodiac” -Gabriel El-Allie

“Paleozoic” -Fortino Cabrales

“Zoodiac! Had great success with the Deck this year.” -Mason Blake

“60 card Lightsworn Zombie!” -Zach Butler

There were a ton of answers, with popular Decks throughout the year. There was no clear winner this time!