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YCS San Diego: Round 2 Feature Match: Kyle Fong vs. Steven Eastwood

November 18th, 2017

Welcome to Round 2! This Match features Kyle Fong, from Sacramento, CA, using the ultimate Spellcaster – Dark Magician! His build features The Eye of Timaeus and the new Dark Magician the Dragon Knight. His opponent is Steven Eastwood, from Chino Hills, CA, packing a Kozmo Deck. It’s classic wizards versus space wizards!

Duel 1

Eastwood won the dice roll and chose to play second. Fong had Solemn Warning, The Eye of Timaeus, Dark Magician, Secret Village of the Spellcasters, and Dark Magical Circle. He played Circle, revealing Magician’s Rod, Magician of Dark Illusions, and another Circle. He took the second Circle, and Set Warning, Timaeus, and Circle.

Eastwood played Allure of Darkness, drawing two and banishing Kozmoll Wickedwitch. He Normal Summoned Kozmo Farmgirl and attacked directly. He paid 500 Life Points for Farmgirl to add Kozmotown to his hand. Still in the Battle Phase, he banished Farmgirl to Special Summon another Kozmo, but Fong used Solemn Warning to negate the effect. In Main Phase 2, Eastwood played Kozmotown to get Wickedwitch back in his hand. He shuffled two copies of Wickedwitch and a Kozmo Strawman back into the Deck to draw three new cards. He passed with no other plays.

Fong drew Magician’s Rod. He flipped up his second Circle, and Eastwood used Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Fong played Magician’s Rod to add Magician Navigation to his hand. He attacked with Magician’s Rod, then played Secret Village of the Spellcasters! He Set Magician Navigation to finish.

Eastwood played Wickedwitch and attacked Magician’s Rod. Fong played Magician Navigation, which Special Summoned Dark Magician from his hand and Apprentice Illusion Magician from his Deck! Apprentice put another Dark Magician in his hand, and a Circle’s effect targeted Wickedwitch. Eastwood responded by banishing Wickedwitch to Special Summon Kozmo Sliprider. Its effect destroyed Dark Magical Circle. Sliprider attacked and destroyed the Apprentice. Eastwood Set one card to his back row. He used Kozmotown’s effect to put Wickedwitch back in his hand, and shuffled back a Strawman and Kozmo DOG Fighter to draw two new cards.

Fong drew Solemn Strike, and flipped up The Eye of Timaeus! He played Dark Magician the Dragon Knight! His Dark Magical Circle banished Sliprider. He attacked with his Dragon Knight, and Eastwood flipped Back to the Front, defending with Ash Blossom. It went down, and Magician’s Rod attacked directly. Fong Set Solemn Strike to finish.

Eastwood used Kozmotown’s effect, and Fong negated it with Magician Navigation from the Graveyard! Eastwood played Strawman, paying 500 Life Points, but lost that to Solemn Strike! Locked down under Secret Village and multiple negation effects, Eastwood had no options left!

Duel 2

Eastwood chose to play second again. Fong had Dark Magical Circle, Secret Village, two Eternal Soul, and Magician Navigation. He played Circle, and Eastwood had Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring! Fong Set all his Trap Cards.

Eastwood played Kozmo Tincan and Set one back row card. In the End Phase, he paid 500 for Tincan’s effect, revealing Kozmo Dark Destroyer, Kozmo Sliprider, and Kozmo Dark Eclipser. He added Sliprider to his hand. He banished Tincan to play Sliprider, which destroyed Dark Magical Circle.

Fong drew Spellbook of Secrets! He played it to get Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, and played that to get Spellbook of Knowledge. He activated it, and Eastwood had a second Ash Blossom! Fong had to pass, and in the End Phase Eastwood used Back to the Front to bring Eclipser to the field!

Eastwood sent Sliprider to destroy Spellbook Magician, and Eclipser dropped Fong to 3200 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, Eastwood Set one to his back row.

Fong drew Magician’s Rod, and used it to add Dark Magical Circle to his hand. He activated it, looking at his top cards: Eternal Soul, Magician of Dark Illusion, and Dark Magician. He added Dark Magician to his hand, then flipped Magician Navigation – Eastwood used Eclipser to negate it, banishing his Dark Destroyer in the process. Fong used Eternal Soul to Special Summon Dark Magician, and Dark Magical Circle banished Eastwood’s Set Scapegoat.

Eastwood Tributed Sliprider… to play another Sliprider! It destroyed Eternal Soul, which wiped out all of Fong’s monsters! Fong had nothing to defend with, and fell to Eastwood’s Kozmos!

Duel 3

Fong chose to play first in the final Duel. He began with a hand of Dark Magician, Maxx “C”, Secret Village, and two Dark Magical Circle. Circle revealed Eternal Soul, Magician of Dark Illusion, and another Secret Village – he took Eternal Soul. He Set it and the second Circle.

Eastwood played Strawman and attacked directly. Fong played Eternal Soul to Special Summon Dark Magician, and Eastwood used Maxx “C”! Eastwood banished Strawman to Special Summon another Kozmo, and Fong used his own Maxx “C”! Eastwood played Sliprider, and Fong drew Magician of Dark Illusions. Sliprider destroyed Dark Magical Circle. In Main Phase 2, Eastwood used Allure of Darkness and banished Dark Destroyer.

Fong drew Secret Village, and flipped up Dark Magical Circle to put Magician Navigation in his hand, leaving Magician’s Rod and Magician of Dark Illusion on top of his Deck. He played Secret Village, Set Magician Navigation, and ended his turn without attacking. He could sit safely on his combo of Dark Magician, Eternal Soul, and Secret Village.

Eastwood Normal Summoned Tincan and Set a card in his back row. In the End Phase, he paid 500 Life Points for Tincan, revealing DOG Fighter, Sliprider, and Eclipser. He ended up with Eclipser in his hand. He banished the Tincan to Special Summon Eclipser and passed his turn.

Fong drew Magician’s Rod. He Normal Summoned it, getting Illusion Magic to his hand. He played it, Tributing Magician’s Rod, and Eastwood flipped Back to the Front to revive Sliprider. Fong got two copies of Dark Magician to his hand, and Sliprider destroyed Dark Magical Circle. Fong flipped Magician Navigation, playing a Dark Magician from his hand and Apprentice Illusion Magician from his Deck. He couldn’t use his Apprentice’s effect when it was Summoned, since he’d already gotten all copies of Dark Magician into play or in his hand. He moved to the Battle Phase, sending Dark Magician to attack Eclipser, and Tributed Apprentice to let Dark Magician win the battle. Eclipser’s effect put Strawman in Eastwood’s hand. He chose not to attack with his second Dark Magician, not wanting to trigger one of the Slipriders.

Eastwood used his two copies of Sliprider to play Cyber Dragon Nova, and that to play Cyber Dragon Infinity! Next, he Tributed a Dark Magician to hand over Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju! Infinity absorbed Radian and attacked over the other Dark Magician! Now with Secret Village backfiring on him and Cyber Dragon Infinity’s effect live, Fong had no way to mount a comeback!

Steven Eastwood is victorious, with Kozmo!

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