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YCS San Diego: Top Table Update Round 6

November 19th, 2017

Here are the Decks of the top players as we begin Round 6.

Table 1: Mak, Thomas Wai (Trickstar) vs. Walters, Michael Kyle (Trickstar)

Table 2: Martin, Mitchell Ryan (SPYRAL) vs. Vu, Elvis (SPYRAL)

Table 3: Lopez, David March (True Draco) vs. Llerenas, Valente Alonso (SPYRAL)

Table 4: Kuo, Kenneth Chung-Jeng (Trickstar) vs. Ortiz, Dominic Antonio (Trickstar)

Table 5: Vences Brito, Esteban (Pendulum Magician) vs. Smith, Cameron David (ABC True Draco)

Table 6: Ross, Ayinde Ezekiai (Infernoid Invoked) vs. Flores Salgado, Sergio Antonio (Pendulum Magician)

Table 7: Vanden Heuvel, Matthew Evan Harris (SPYRAL Magician) vs. Fernandez Umbria, Carlos Rafael (SPYRAL)

Table 8: Sosa Calderon, Leonardo (SPYRAL) vs. Aguirre Osuna, Aaron Arturo (Trickstar Windwitch)

Table 9: Tamez, Michael Joseph (True King Dinosaur) vs. Jule, Walter (Pendulum Magicians)

Table 10: Chavez, Cesar Gabriel (Pendulum Magician) vs. Neal, Cameron Taylor (SPYRAL)

That gives us:

4 Trickstar
4 Pendulum Magician
1 True King Dinosaur
1 Infernoid Invoked
1 ABC True Draco
1 True Draco
1 Trickstar Windwitch
1 SPYRAL Magician

SPYRAL is still number one, though not by a huge margin. They’re followed closely by Trickstar, as well as Pendulum Magician, the previous top Deck. Then there’s that one guy running a combination SPYRAL Magician Deck. Once again, we have several other rogue strategies, with several variations on the True King and True Draco themes.