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YCS San Diego: Top Table Update Round 7

November 19th, 2017

Here are the Decks of the top players as we begin Round 7.

Table 1: Kamal Derrick El Crooks-Valdez (SPYRAL) vs. Matthew Evan Harris Vanden Heuvel (SPYRAL Magician)

Table 2: Thomas Wai Mak (Trickstar) vs. Cameron David Smith (ABC True Draco)

Table 3: Kenneth Chung-Jeng Kuo (Trickstar) vs. Ayinde Ezekiai Ross (Infernoid Invoked)

Table 4: Elvis Vu (SPYRAL) vs. Omar Daoudi (SPYRAL)

Table 5: Mario Vidro Ramos (SPYRAL) vs. Walter Jule (Pendulum Magician)

Table 6: Gilford Velezjo (Trickstar) vs. Valente Alonso Llerenas (SPYRAL)

Table 7: David March Lopez (True Draco) vs. Christopher Djunaidi (Pendulum Magician)

Table 8: Jose Anthony Bren Osores (Trickstar) vs. Edmond Joseph Amado Jr. (Trickstar)

Table 9: Fortino Superlario Cabrales (Paleozoic) vs. Shizhuo Kyle Wang (True Draco)

Table 10: Mohammed Faisal Khan (SPYRAL) vs. Tyler Bishop Collier (SPYRAL)

The breakdown is:

5 Trickstar
2 Pendulum Magician
1 SPYRAL Magician
1 Infernoid Invoked
1 Paleozoic
1 True Draco
1 ABC True Draco

Those SPYRAL numbers are rising with every round – looks like the SPYRAL Duelists are pulling ahead! Trickstar is still going strong in second place, with a multitude of other strategies filling in the top tables. Keep an eye on the live stream, as we’ll be covering Fortino Cabrales’s Paleozoics (starring Graydle Slime Jr.!) next.

There’s only one round left in Day 1 of YCS San Diego – check back for the final standings and Decks.