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QQ: What’s the Deck to Beat?

February 18th, 2018

QQ stands for Quick Questions! SPYRALs were undoubtedly the top strategy of the last season. A lot has changed since then – Do you think SPYRAL can stay on top? If not, what do you think is the new Deck to beat?


“No. Magician or Draco.” -Tyler Holland

“Magicians are really good, but Lightsworn are the best to me.” -Romello W.

“Dinos, Pendulums, Trickstar.” -Bradley Dalton

“No, SPYRAL cannot remain the top Deck. Draco or Trickstar will be the top Deck.” -Michael Siapno, 25

“I think SPYRAL will still be good but not the best. I think the best is Pendulum Magician.” -Nicholas Nathan Snowberger, 21

“SPYRAL cannot remain at the top. As for new top strategy, try summoning ABC-Dragon Buster, Decode Talker, and Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju with five counters on Kyoutou Waterfront.” -Alexander Juneja, 24 (That’s… oddly specific, Alex)

“Pendulum Magician.” -Keaton Horner, 27

“They’re OK and will still beat unprepared players. I think Pendulum Magicians are still the best.” -Edgar Gonzalez, 23

“SPYRAL is dead, long live Souleating Oviraptor.” -Sean Washington

Most Duelists agree that SPYRAL’s dominance is at an end. Pendulum Magician seem to be the most popular choice for the new “Deck to beat”, but True Draco, Trickstar, and Dinosaurs are all notable as well. We’ll see how all these strategies perform this weekend!