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Round 1 Feature Match: Jesus Gonzalez vs. Andy Hernandez

February 24th, 2018

Welcome to the UDS Invitational – Winter 2018! One of our Feature Matches for Round 1 comes from table 44 as we have Jesus Gonzalez from Baldwin Park, California taking on Andy Hernandez from Redwood City, California. Gonzalez qualified for this tournament by Dueling at Regional Qualifiers and getting the most points from UDS Qualifiers held at his local, Hobbies and More in La Puente, California. He brought a Gouki Deck to the tournament. Hernandez got his points from playing at UDS Qualifiers at Just Flip TCG in San Jose, California, and is running a Trickstar Deck. We’re playing 8 Swiss Rounds today, but getting off to a good start is important, especially since 44 players entered the Invitational with 200 UDS Points, giving them a Round 1 Bye. Which of these players will start his day with a win?  Let’s find out! It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Hernandez won the roll and elected to go first. He started with Terraforming to add Trickstar Light Stage to hand, which was then played to add Trickstar Candina from Deck to hand. Next, he activated another Terraforming to find another Trickstar Light Stage which was activated to add Trickstar Lycoris to his hand. He then Normal Summoned Trickstar Candina and used her effect to add a second Lycoris to his hand. He then activated Pot of Desires, banishing the top 10 cards of his Deck to draw 2 more. He Set 2 to the back row, then activated the effects of the 2 Trickstar Lycoris in his hand to swap them in with the Trickstar Candina and passed.

Gonzalez drew Cosmic Cyclone to add to his hand of Gouki Twistcobra, Solemn Judgment, Solemn Strike, and 2 copies of Gouki Headbatt. Gonzalez took 800 points of damage due to the pair of Lycoris. Gonzalez Normal Summoned Gouki Twistcobra, then Special Summoned Gouki Headbatt, discarding the other one. He then used the Headbatt and the Twistcobra to Link Summon Missus Radiant! He used the effects of his Goukis to add Gouki Re-Match and Gouki Suprex to his hand. Lycoris burned for another 1600 points of damage. After the Chain resolved, Hernandez activated Trickstar Reincarnation and Gonzalez chained Cosmic Cyclone from his hand on Hernandez’s face-down Scapegoat. Gonzalez drew Artifact Sanctum, Gouki Twistcobra, PSY-Framegear Gamma and Reinforcement of the Army. Gonzalez was already at just 2600 LP. Before going into the Battle Phase, Hernandez activated Effect Veiler on Gonzalez’s Missus Radiant. Gonzalez skipped to Main Phase 2 and Set Artifact Sanctum before passing.

Hernandez activated the third copy of Trickstar Light Stage, adding the third Trickstar Lycoris from Deck to hand. Hernandez then activated the other effect of Light Stage, attempting to freeze Gonzalez’s face-down Sanctum. Gonzalez Chained it, but Hernandez Chained Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to negate the effect! Hernandez then Normal Summoned Trickstar Candina, whose effect found Trickstar Lilybell, which was Special Summoned. He then used the two Lycoris to Link Summon Trickstar Holly Angel! In the Battle Phase, Holly Angel attacked into Missus Radiant. Gonzalez activated the Beast’s effect, adding back Gouki Twistcobra to his hand, but Trickstar Candina and Trickstar Lilybell attacked directly to finish the Duel!



Duel 2

Gonzalez elected to go first. He started with a hand of Cosmic Cyclone, Gouki Suprex, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and Anti-Spell Fragrance. He Normal Summoned Gouki Suprex, Set Anti-Spell Fragrance and Cosmic Cyclone, and passed.



Gonzalez activated Anti-Spell Fragrance in Hernandez’s Standby Phase. Hernandez skipped into the Battle Phase, and at the end of the Battle Phase, Hernandez activated Evenly Matched from his hand. Gonzalez chose to keep Suprex on the field, banishing Anti-Spell Fragrance and the face-down Cosmic Cyclone. Hernandez Normal Summoned Lycroris and Set a back row card.

Gonzalez drew Solemn Judgment for turn. He Set it and attacked with Gouki Suprex into the Trickstar Lycoris. At the end of the Battle Phase, Hernandez flipped the Set Evenly Matched, and Gonzalez banished the Set Solemn Judgment.

Hernandez Special Summoned Eater of Millions by banishing 5 cards from his Extra Deck face-down. He then Normal Summoned Trickstar Lycoris and went into Battle, and Hernandez’s Eater of Millions attacked into Gonzalez’s Gouki Suprex, banishing the Warrior face-down. Trickstar Lycoris attacked directly, leaving Gonzalez at 6200 LP.



Gonzalez drew another Anti-Spell Fragrance, leaving him with a hand of Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, and Anti-Spell Fragrance. He Set Anti-Spell Fragrance and passed.

Hernandez activated Terraforming, but Gonzalez negated it with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring! Gonzalez then flipped-up Anti-Spell Fragrance. Hernandez attacked with Eater of Millions and Trickstar Lycoris, and passed there.

Gonzalez drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He Set it and passed.

Hernandez attacked with both monsters again, leaving Gonzalez at just 800 LP.

Gonzalez drew Solemn Warning, taking another 200 points of damage from Trickstar Lycoris. Without an answer to Hernandez’s field, Gonzalez extended the handshake!

Hernandez starts his day with a win, and Trickstars triumph over Gouki!