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Round 8 Feature Match: Max Reynolds vs. Guilherme Cardoso

February 25th, 2018

It’s the final Swiss Round for Day 1 of the UDS Winter Invitational! We’ve got Max Reynolds here, piloting Invoked Mekk-Knights: the same Deck as his friend and previous UDS Invitational winner Jeff Jones. Jeff wasn’t able to win his Round 2 Feature Match, so we’ll see if Max can avenge him! He’s up against Guilherme Cardoso, who made the trip all the way from Brazil! He’s using a Pendulum Magician Deck, which has proven to be by far the most popular strategy today.

Duel 1

Reynolds won the die roll and chose to play second. Cardoso began with Allure of Darkness, banishing Black Fang Magician from his hand. He played Chronograph Sorcerer in his Pendulum Zone, and had it Special Summon Timegazer Magician. He then Special Summoned Astrograph Sorcerer and added another Chronograph to his hand. He played Allure of Darkness again, this time banishing Chronograph. He Link Summoned Heavymetalfoes Electrumite, and Reynolds negated its effect with Effect Veiler. Cardoso Normal Summoned Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm and added Supreme King Gate Zero to his hand. He played Chronograph and Oafdragon Magician in his Pendulum Zones, and Pendulum Summoned Astrograph and Chronograph from his Extra Deck, along with Gate Zero and Purple Poison Magician from his hand. He used Astrograph and Chronograph to play another Electrumite, and its effect was negated by Reynolds with a second Effect Veiler. Cardoso used Purple Poison and Darkwurm to play Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom, and had it copy Electrumite… but its effecct was negated by Reynolds’s third Effect Veiler?! Reynolds had started with all three of his Effect Veilers, just like Jeff Jones had last week in YCS Atlanta – it didn’t work out well for Jones that time. Cardoso continued, using his two Electrumite to Link Summon Zefra Metaltron.

Reynolds had a hand of Magical Meltdown and Dimensional Barrier, and drew Brilliant Fusion. He used Meltdown to get Aleister the Invoker. He used Brilliant Fusion next, fusing Gem-Knight Garnet and Performage Trick Clown into Gem-Knight Seraphinite. Trick Clown’s effect Special Summoned it to the field. He Normal Summoned Aleister, adding Invocation to his hand. He used Seraphinite and Aleister to Link Summon Underclock Taker. Invocation came next, fusing Aleister with an Electrumite for Invoked Purgatrio, in the zone below Underclock. He used Invocation’s effect in the Graveyard, getting Aleister back to his hand. He used Underclock to put Metaltron to 0 ATK and attacked it with Purgatrio, discarding Aleister to boost Purgatrio’s ATK! With its own effect and Aleister’s, Purgatrio hit Metaltron for 4300 damage! It then crushed Gate Zero, taking the first Duel on turn one!



Duel 2

Cardoso decided to play second. Reynolds had Terraforming, Mekk-Knight Blue Sky, Aleister the Invoker, Effect Veiler, and Mind Control. He played Aleister and searched out Invocation. Terraforming came next, getting Magical Meltdown, and he played it to get another Aleister. He activated Invocation, fusing his on-field Aleister with Blue Sky for Invoked Mechaba. He used Invocation’s effect in the Graveyard and passed his turn.

Cardoso played Raigeki, and Mechaba discarded Mind Control to negate it. He played Wisdom-Eye Magician and Oafdragon Magician in his Pendulum Zones, then used Wisdom-Eye Magician to get Black Fang to the field in its place. He Special Summoned Astrograph Sorcerer and added another Wisdom-Eye Magician to his hand. He Normal Summoned Wisdom-Eye and Link Summoned Heavymetalfoes Electrumite. He used its effect, and Reynolds negated it with Effect Veiler. Cardoso Pendulum Summoned Wisdom-Eye and Astrograph from his Extra Deck, and Harmonizing Magician and Chronograph Sorcerer from his hand! Harmonizing brought Purple Poison Magician to the field. He used Harmonizing and Wisdom-Eye to play Timestar Magician, which added Astrograph Sorcerer to his hand. He used Oafdragon’s effect to add Wisdom-Eye to his hand. Black Fang halved the ATK of Invoked Mechaba, and when it was destroyed Cardosa Special Summoned Astrograph, adding another Black Fang to his hand. He stacked both Astrograph for Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon – at this point, Reynolds knew it was over and conceded!



Duel 3

Reynolds chose to play first. The Duelists shook hands, and the final Duel was underway.



Reynolds had two copies of Magical Meltdown, Anti-Spell Fragrance, Brilliant Fusion, and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. He started with Brilliant Fusion, sending Gem-Knight Garnet and Performage Trick Clown to the Graveyard to Fusion Summon Gem-Knight Seraphinite, and he Special Summoned Trick Clown. Magical Meltdown put Aleister the Invoker in his hand, and he Normal Summoned it with Seraphinite’s effect. He used all of his monsters to Link Summon Decode Talker, then played Invocation to fuse Aleister with Trick Clown into Invoked Mechaba. Invocation’s effect in the Graveyard put Aleister back in the hand. He Normal Summoned it to get Invocation again. He Set Anti-Spell Fragrance and Invocation.

In Cardosa’s Standby Phase, Reynolds flipped Anti-Spell Fragrance. Cardosa Normal Summoned Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm and added Supreme King Gate Zero to his hand. He sent it to attack Aleister. He Set one card in his back row to finish his turn.

Reynolds drew Terraforming. He thought a long while before flipping Invocation, and Cardosa flipped Dimensional Barrier to stop Fusion Monsters for the turn. Decode Talker destroyed Darkwurm in battle. Cardosa Special Summoned Chronograph Sorcerer from his hand, which Special Summoned Wisdom-Eye Magician along with it. Mechaba destroyed Wisdom-Eye in battle. Reynolds Set Magical Meltdown, replacing his old one.

Cardosa Normal Summoned Harmonizing Magician. He used it and Chronograph to Link Summon Heavymetalfoes Electrumite. He used its effect, and Mechaba negated and banished it by discarding Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.



Reynolds drew another Terraforming. He flipped up Magical Meltdown to add Aleister the Invoker to his hand. He attacked with Mechaba and Decode Talker, leaving Cardosa with 2000 Life Points. Reynolds still had 6200. He Set Terraforming.

Cardosa had four cards in his hand, but was still locked down by Mechaba and Anti-Spell Fragrance. He Normal Summoned Black Fang Magician and attacked. Reynolds negated its effect and banished it with Mechaba, and Cardosa offered the handshake!



Max Reynolds takes the Match with Invoked Mekk-Knights!