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Top 4 Feature Match: Kenneth Chung-Jeng Kuo vs. Esteban Vences Brito

February 26th, 2018

We’re down to the Semi-Finals! We just saw Esteban Vences Brito dominate in his Top 8 Feature Match, and he’s back again now. He’s up against Kenneth Chung-Jeng Kuo, from Fremont, CA, who’s packing a Trickstar Deck. Magicians vs. Trickstars was a definitive matchup six months ago, but a lot has changed since then. Who will move on to the Finals? There’s only one way to find out! It’s time to Duel!


Duel 1

Vences won the die roll and started the Duel.



He played Timegazer Magician and Oafdragon Magician in his Pendulum Zones, and Pendulum Summoned Mythical Beast Jackal King, Chronograph Sorcerer, and Harmonizing Magician. Harmonizing brought Purple Poison Magician to the field. He used Harmonizing and Chronograph to play Heavymetalfoes Electrumite, putting Astrograph Sorcerer in his Extra Deck. He used Oafdragon to put Harmonizing back in his hand and Normal Summoned it. Harmonizing and Purple Poison were used to play PSY-Framelord Omega, which banished itself and Anti-Spell Fragrance from Kuo’s hand. Vences had Electrumite destroy Oafdragon to get Astrograph to his hand. He Special Summoned Astrograph, adding another Oafdragon to his hand, and drew a card with Electrumite. He played Dragon Shrine, sending Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm to the Graveyard, and put two Spell Counters on Jackal King.

Kuo had a hand of Trickstar Lycoris, Trickstar Light Stage, Pot of Desires, and Eater of Millions. He drew Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit for the turn.



He played Light Stage first, and added Trickstar Candina to his hand. He played Pot of Desires to draw Dimensional Barrier and another Ghost Ogre. He Normal Summoned Candina, Vences used Jackal King to negate and destroy Candina, and Kuo used Ghost Ogre to destroy Jackal King! Kuo banished his entire Extra Deck for Eater of Millions, and sent it to attack and banish Electrumite. He Set Dimensional Barrier to finish his turn.

Vences brought Omega back to the field, and Kuo got Anti-Spell Fragrance back in his hand. Vences played Oafdragon in his Pendulum Zone, and Kuo flipped Dimensional Barrier to block Pendulums for the turn. Vences used Oafdragon’s effect targeting Harmonizing, Kuo responded with Ghost Ogre, and Vences played Wavering Eyes. He destroyed both of his Pendulum Scales and got Astrograph Sorcerer with Wavering Eyes. He banished Omega again, this time banishing Lycoris from Kuo’s hand.

Kuo drew Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He sent Eater of Millions to attack and banish Astrograph Sorcerer, then Set Anti-Spell Fragrance.

Kuo flipped Anti-Spell Fragrance in the Standby Phase, and Omega came back to the field. Vences banished it, hitting Lycoris once again. He passed without a follow-up.

Kuo drew another Lycoris. He simply attacked with Eater of Millions, dishing out 2700 points of damage.

Omega came back again, then banished itself and Ash Blossom from Kuo’s hand.

Kuo drew Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. He Normal Summoned Lycoris and attacked with both his monsters, leaving Vences with 800 Life Points.

Vences drew and brought Omega back yet again. Omega attacked and destroyed Lycoris. He Set a monster. He tried using Omega again, but this time it was destroyed by Kuo’s Ghost Ogre.

Kuo drew Trickstar Reincarnation. He Normal Summoned Lycoris and sent Eater of Millions to banish the Set monster. Lycoris attacked and gave Kuo the first Duel!



Duel 2

Vences played first again. He started with Pot of Desires, and Kuo negated it with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He played Mythical Beast Master Cerberus in his Pendulum Zone, destroying it to get Mythical Beast Jackal King to his hand. He played Jackal King, and it destroyed itself to Special Summon Master Cerberus. He Normal Summoned Black Fang Magician, and Link Summoned Heavymetalfoes Electrumite. He used its effect to put Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm in his Extra Deck, but Kuo destroyed Electrumite with Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.

Kuo had a hand of two copies of Eater of Millions, Trickstar Light Stage, and Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju. He played Trickstar Light Stage to get Trickstar Candina, and Candina to get Trickstar Lycoris. He played both copies of Eater of Millions, banishing his entire Extra Deck for the two. Since Vences had already banished ten cards with Pot of Desires, they both had 2500 ATK! He attacked with Candina, both Eaters, and then Special Summoned Lycoris to finish the Duel!



Kenneth Kuo is going to the Finals with Trickstars!