UDS Invitational Prize Gallery!

February 25th, 2018

The UDS Winter Invitational features a ton of awesome prizes that can only be found here! Here’s a look at all the exclusive prizes!

First, here’s a prize that everyone gets! There’s an awesome UDS Invitational Pin with a Millennium Puzzle charm attached. ALL Duelists competing this weekend receive the Millennium Puzzle pictured below and accompanying lanyard.




Duelists who redeem 150 points or more to compete this weekend receive a UDS Invitational Medal. The UDS Invitational Medal also has a Millennium Puzzle, which even spins in the middle!



The next prizes are a bit more exclusive. You’ll have to make it to Day 2 of the UDS Invitational for this Dark Magician Girl pin.



You’ll also have to make it to Day 2  to get the Dark Magician inspired medal.



For the Dark Paladin pin, you’ll need to make it even further and reach the Top Cut!



The Top Cut Duelists also receive the coveted Exodia the Forbidden One game mat!



Those Duelists will also receive a Dark End Dragon prize card!



Finally, only the winner of the UDS Invitational gets this pin, featuring the twin maws of Slifer the Sky Dragon!



And of course, the ultimate prize, the Exodia UDS Championship Belt, goes to the winner!



There are lots of awesome prizes that you can win by competing at an Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational, and Duelists have a chance to win them all this weekend here in Sacramento, California!