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UDS Invitational Top Tables Update: Round 6

February 25th, 2018

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the top tables in Round 6! The results may surprise you!

Table 1: Ed Acepcion [15 points] (Musketeers) vs. Alejandro Garcia Moreno [15 points] (Pendulum Magicians)
Table 2: Maximillian Reynolds [15 points] (Invoked Mekk-Knight) vs. Khuram Haroonsuleman (SPYRAL)
Table 3: Guillermo Morales [15 points] (Trickstar) vs. Paulo Goncalves da Silva [13 points] (Pendulum Magician)
Table 4: Esala Wathuthantrige [12 points] (Pendulum Magician) vs. Luis Garcia [12 points] (Pendulum Magician)
Table 5: Anderson Tsang [12 points] (True Draco) vs. Robert Loa [12 points] (True Draco)
Table 6: Kenneth Kuo [12 points] (Trickstar) vs. Andrew Abdeen [12 points] (Trickstar)
Table 7: Walter Jule [12 points] (Pendulum Magician) vs. Johnathan Bowen [12 points] (Trickstar)
Table 8: Carlo Marzan [12 points] (ABC) vs. Peter Duong [12 points] (Stun)
Table 9: Christian Sagabaen [12 points] (True Draco) vs. Collin Hand [12 points] (Pendulum Magician)
Table 10: Bruce Zhang [12 points] (ABC) vs. Erick Villanueva [12 points] (Pendulum Magician)


There are FIVE undefeated Duelists left in the tournament with 15 points each, and each of those five Duelists are using a DIFFERENT Deck! Musketeers, Pendulum Magicians, Invoked Mekk-Knight, SPYRAL, and Trickstar all remain undefeated, with one Duelist wielding each of them.

As for the top 10 tables on the whole, there’s a total of 7 Pendulum Magician Decks, 4 Trickstar Decks, 3 True Draco Decks, 2 ABC Decks, 1 Musketeer Deck, 1 SPYRAL Deck, 1 Stun Deck, and 1 Invoked Mekk-Knight Deck. It should come as no surprise that Pendulum Magicians are the most represented Deck in the top 10 tables following the Deck’s recent success at YCS Atlanta; but the presence of 7 other Decks in the top 10 tables, as well as the variety and number of non-Pendulum Decks that are presently undefeated, may indicate that the dominance of Pendulum Magicians in the current Advanced Format isn’t as defined as many Duelists believe.

Stay with the coverage to see which Duelists and Decks remain undefeated, and who makes it to the top!