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UDS Invitational Top Tables Update: Round 7

February 25th, 2018

Take a look at the top 10 tables in Round 7 of the UDS Invitational – Winter 2018!

Table 1: Khuram Haroonsuleman (SPYRAL) vs. Alejandro Garcia Moreno (Pendulum Magician)
Table 2: Ed Acepcion (Musketeers) vs. Paulo Goncalves da Silva (Pendulum Magician)
Table 3: Peter Duong (Stun) vs. Collin Hand (Pendulum Magician)
Table 4: Walter Jule (Pendulum Magician) vs. Guillermo Moralez (Trickstar)
Table 5: Luis Garcia (Pendulum Magician) vs. Aaron Aguirre (Zefra)
Table 6: Manuel Lopez (Pendulum Magician) vs. Erick Villanueva (Pendulum Magician)
Table 7: Maximillian Reynolds (Invoked Mekk-Knight) vs. Cesar Chavez (Pendulum Magician)
Table 8: Esteban Vences (Pendulum Magician) vs. Andrew Abdeen (Trickstar)
Table 9: Kien Ly (Pendulum Magician) vs. Zeyad Khal (Trickstar)
Table 10: Cesar Alcaraz (Invoked) vs. Johnathan Bowen (Trickstar)

There’s SPYRAL, Pendulum Magician, Musketeer, Stun, Invoked, Mekk-Knight, Trickstar, and even a Zefra Deck at the top 10 tables! Which of these Decks will make it into tomorrow’s Top 8? Follow the coverage to find out!