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QQ: Which Decks Do You Expect To See In The YCS?

March 24th, 2018

QQ stands for Quick Questions! This time, we asked our competitors which Decks they expected to encounter in the Main Event, and asked them which cards they’re using in their Main and Side Decks to beat those Decks. Check out their responses!

“Pendulum Magicians & True Draco” -Stephen Klaus, 27

“Pendulum Magicians” -Jonathan Westover, 27

“Pendulum Magicians; Dimensional Barrier” -Austin Marden, 12

“True Draco and Pendulum” -Anthony King, 25

“Mostly Magician and Draco. Siding heavy Spell/Trap removal.” -Logan Johnson, 19

“Pendulum Magicians & True Draco. My Side Deck is made for Pendulums while I main Kaiju for True Draco.” -Trevor Greenland, 23

“Magicians. Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries, Dimensional Barrier, and Droll & Lock Bird.” -Destin Kaspi, 24

“I’m expecting to see Pendulum Magicians and True Draco.” -Sean Sandoval, 24

“Pendulum FTK, Zefra, True Draco. Siding a lot of ‘hand traps’ and The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode to cut big boards.” -Aaron Furman, 23

“Pendulums and True Dracos” -Alessio Giordani, 22

“Pendulum and True Draco. I’m playing a Zexal Turbo Deck to win going first.” -Kevin Adams, 21

Pendulum Magicians and True Draco are clearly the most expected Decks this weekend. Both strategies have been putting in a lot of strong showings in events over the last few weeks. Duelists will need to be prepared to beat those Decks in order to have a chance at making the Top Cut here in YCS Salt Lake City!