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QQ: Which Cards From Your Side Deck Do You Use Most?

April 21st, 2018

QQ stands for Quick Questions! There are lots of different Decks that Duelists are using this weekend, including True Dracos, Pendulum Magicians, Trickstars, Infernoids, and Lightsworn. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance to see which cards they included in their Side Decks to use against today’s popular Decks, and to see which Decks they bring those cards in against. Check out their responses!

Forbidden Chalice for Pendulums, Invoked, and 60-card Plant.” -Denny Vu

Forbidden Chalice for everything.” -Johnny Nguyen

Imperial Iron Wall. I bring it in against everyone so I don’t lose to Evenly Matched.” -James Sledd

“I bring Anti-Spell Fragrance and my Kaiju engine in against almost everything, especially True Draco.” -Cody Robbins

Evenly Matched and Kaijus against True Draco Decks.” -Jeremy Hopper

Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries for FTK Decks.” -Walker Lea

Twin Twisters for True Dracos and rogue Decks.” -Dalton Woodruff

Dimensional Barrier, mainly against Pendulums.” -Leon Mcgregor

Evenly Matched. It cleans up bad boards from bad guys.” -Luis Lanabria

Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries for Pendulum Decks and 60-card Decks.” -Joseph Gray

Inspector Boarder and Hanewata for FTK Decks.” -Benjamin Martin

Fog King. I expect I’ll need to side against True Dracos and Lair of Darkness a lot. Fog King will stop them from progressing their game state.” -Edgar Gonzalez


Duelists seem to be best-prepared to Side Deck against True Draco and Pendulum Decks, and they’re using a wide variety of cards to stop them. Will these Duelists’ preparations allow a different Deck to win YCS Memphis? Follow the coverage to find out!