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QQ: Which Decks Did You Prepare to Face This Weekend?

June 3rd, 2018

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The new Advanced Format is wide open thanks to the recent Forbidden & Limited List and new cards in Dark Saviors and Flames of Destruction. That makes it tough for Duelists in this weekend’s tournament to predict which Decks they’ll Duel against. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which Decks they prepared to face off against. Check out their responses!


“Sky Striker, Altergeist, Paleozoics, ABC, Gouki, and SPYRAL.” -Christopher Middleton

“Gouki and SPYRAL.” -Theodore Mahan

“None. I’m winging it.” -Christopher Ferrara

“I’m running ABC. I’m prepared to face the rest of the alphabet.” -Calvin Tahan

“Anything that plays Evenly Matched or Traps.” -Julio Cruz

“Gouki, Sky Striker, Trickstar, and Altergeist.” -Kevin Tran

“I didn’t prepare.” -Rasheen Powell

“Sky Striker.” -Lewis Gordon

“Sky Striker.” -Johny Vu

“Trickstar and Sky Striker.” -Robert Monclova

“Sky Striker.” -Muhtasim Mallick

“Gouki, Altergeist, and Sky Striker.” -Alexander Dobrochasov

“Zombies.” -Douglas Villatoro

“True Draco Invoked.” -Ryan Fox

“Sky Striker and Trickstar.” -Thomas Geddes

“Sky Striker, Trickstar, Gouki, and Altergeist.” -Anthony Parisi

“Gouki.” -Steven Jacobs

“Sky Striker, Gouki, SPYRAL, and Altergeist.” -Miguel Valencia

“Gouki and Trickstar.” -Kohn Kellerman


It looks like Duelists mainly prepared to Duel against Sky Striker, Trickstar, and Gouki Decks, but some of them are also prepared to Duel against SPYRAL, Altergeist, ABC, Paleozoic, Zombie, and True Draco Invoked Decks. Will one of these Decks win YCS Secaucus, or will a completely unexpected Deck take everyone by surprise and claim first place? Follow the tournament coverage to find out!