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Round 1 Feature Match: David Sanz vs. Gustavo Lattari

June 2nd, 2018

Welcome to Round 1 of YCS Secaucus! For this Round 1 Feature Match, we’ve got David Sanz, from New York. He’s playing an Altergeist Deck, recently improved with the addition of Altergeist Multifaker from Flames of Destruction. His opponent is Gustavo Lattari, who traveled here from Orlando, but is originally from Brazil. He’s using True Draco, updated to keep up with the newest Forbidden & Limited List by playing Metaltron XII, the True Dracombatant! With Metaltron, he can create a nearly indestructible monster which replaces itself with Naturia Exterio or Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. He’s also using Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite, which makes for an easy Tribute as well as a way to bounce cards like Dragonic Diagram to his hand for a second use.


Duel 1


Sanz won the die roll and chose to play first. He began with Altergeist Meluseek and used it to play Linkuriboh, and added Altergeist Multifaker to his hand. He Set two to his back row.


Lattari had Pot of Desires, Scapegoat, Terraforming, Disciples of the True Dracophoenix, True Draco Heritage, and Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster. He Set Disciples and Tributed it to play Majesty Maiden. Disciples destroyed Sanz’s Personal Spoofing, but Sanz used it in response to get Altergeist Marionetter to his hand. Lattari used Majesty Maiden to add Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter to his hand. Since Sanz had played a Trap Card, he Special Summoned Multifaker from his hand, which Special Summoned Altergeist Silquitous. Lattari continued, using Terraforming to get Dragonic Diagram. He played Pot of Desires, banishing ten cards (including his only copies of Imperial Order and Metaltron XII, the True Dracombatant), and drew Heritage and True Draco Apocalypse. He played Diagram and Set Apocalypse. He activated Diagram, and Sanz responded with Altergeist Silquitous, bouncing Multifaker and Apocalypse. Diagram resolved, destroying Scapegoat from Lattari’s hand to search for Heritage. He played it and Tributed it to play Dinomight Knight. Heritage targeted Altergeist Manifestation, and Sanz flipped it to Special Summon Meluseek. Dinomight Knight’s effect let Lattari play True King’s Return from his Deck. Sanz’s Manifestation Special Summoned Meluseek, and when Manifestation was destroyed Meluseek went down too, adding Altergeist Kunquery to Sanz’s hand. Lattari played Reinforcement of the Army to get Armageddon Knight to his hand. He played Heritage and drew Skill Drain. Finally, he moved to the Battle Phase, sending Majesty Maiden to destroy Silquitous in battle. Sanz used Linkuriboh to reduce Majesty Maiden’s ATK to 0. When Dinomight Knight attacked, Sanz Special Summoned Altergeist Kunquery and negated Dinomight Knight’s attack and its effect. In Main Phase 2, Lattari Set Skill Drain and Apocalypse.


Sanz played Altergeist Marionetter, putting Altergeist Protocol on the field, and Lattari used Majesty Maiden to get Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior to his hand. Sanz Set another card in his back row and passed. At the end of the turn, Lattari used True King’s Return’s effect to Tribute Summon. Sanz used Silquitous to bounce Marionetter and Return to the hand. Lattari thought for a moment, and flipped Skill Drain to negate Silquitous. Lattari then Tribute Summoned Ignis Heat, using his Heritage, and Heritage destroyed Sanz’s Set Personal Spoofing.


Lattari drew another True Draco Apocalypse. He used Diagram to destroy the Apocalypse he had Set, getting another Majesty Maiden, and Apocalypse targeted Kunquery. Sanz used Silquitous to bounce Kunquery to his hand, targeting True King’s Return, then flipped Altergeist Protocol to make his Altergeists ignore Skill Drain! Sanz then Special Summoned Multifaker, which Special Summoned another Silquitous. Lattari Normal Summoned Armageddon Knight and moved to the Battle Phase. Armageddon and the True Dracos destroyed Sanz’s Altergeists, and Dinomight Knight attacked directly. When Silquitous was destroyed, Sanz got Altergeist Manifestation back to his hand. Lattari Set True King’s Return and Apocalypse.


Sanz played Marionetter and Set another Altergeist Protocol on the field. He Set another card in his back row, and moved to the Battle Phase. Lattari flipped True King’s Return, but then decided not to use its effect. Marionetter destroyed Armageddon Knight in battle.


Lattari drew Rivalry of Warlords. He used Diagram to destroy Skill Drain, getting Disciples to his hand. He played and shuffled back three of his True Draco cards to draw Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite. He used Disciples to Tribute Summon, and Sanz flipped Manifestation on Silquitous. Lattari responded with Majesty Maiden, and Sanz used Protocol sending Manifestation to negate that, but Lattari then used Ignis Heat! Ignis Heat got Heritage, Majesty Maiden was negated and destroyed, and Silquitous was Special Summoned. Finally, Disciples resolved and Lattari Tributed his Set Apocalypse to play another Majesty Maiden. In a new Chain, Apocalypse targeted Silquitous, and Sanz played Multifaker since he just used a Trap. Silquitous was destroyed, and Multifaker Special Summoned Meluseek. Dinomight Knight played another Apocalypse. Lattari played Heritage to draw Card of Demise, Macro Cosmos, and Diagram! He played the new Diagram and used it to destroy Rivalry in his hand, getting Ignis Heat. He Tributed Apocalypse to play it, then Normal Summoned Zephyros. He Set Macro Cosmos, and used Card of Demise to draw Rivalry, Terraforming, and Disciples. He attacked with his monsters, wiping out the Altergeists, and Sanz added Kunquery to his hand with Meluseek. Lattari Set everything in his back row.


Sanz Set two back row cards and a monster.


Lattari drew Pot of Duality, and used Disciples to draw The Monarchs Stormforth. He had Diagram destroy Disciples to get Heritage, and Disciples destroyed Protocol. Lattari went to his Battle Phase, and Sanz used Manifestation to Special Summon Silquitous, then Special Summoned Multifaker, which Special Summoned Marionetter. Ignis Heat and Dinomight Knight added Disciples and True King’s Return to Lattari’s hand. Silquitous bounced Manifestation (which destroyed Silquitous in the process) to bounce Dinomight Knight. Sanz then used Kunquery to block the next attack and negated Diagram. Marionetter and Multifaker lost in battle, but Kunquery was too tough to take down. In Main Phase 2, Lattari Tributed Heritage to play Dinomight Knight, and Heritage destroyed Sanz’s Set Manifestation.


Sanz Set three cards in his back row.


Lattari drew Pot of Desires, but had far too few cards left to safely play it. He played Disciples to put three cards back in his Deck, and drew another Pot of Desires. He moved to the Battle Phase, and Sanz flipped Rivalry of Warlords, forcing Zephyros to the Graveyard. Sanz then flipped Manifestation to Special Summon Silquitous. He then bounced Manifestation to bounce Dinomight Knight. Lattari still couldn’t beat Kunquery in battle, but the round timer was nearly up! Sanz knew he was only delaying the inevitable at this point, and conceded. As the Duelists were using their Side Decks the Round ended, thus giving the Match to Lattari.



Gustavo Lattari wins a grueling first Duel, grinding out his opponent to take the Match with True Draco!