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Round 4 Feature Match: Kevin LoCascio vs. Jerome Blackwell

June 2nd, 2018

It’s Round 4, and we have an undefeated Cubic Duelist! Kevin LoCascio is a New Jersey Duelist, and has been crushing his opponents with the power of Cubics! The Deck can win extremely quickly thanks to powerful monsters and easy ways to Special Summon them. He’s up against Jerome Blackwell, here from Philadelphia, using a Trickstar Deck. Blackwell may be able to use Trickstar Reincarnation to throw off LoCascio’s gameplan, but Blackwell’s unfamiliarity with Cubics could be his undoing.


Duel 1

Blackwell won the die roll and played first. He started off with Trickstar Light Stage, getting Trickstar Candina, then Terraforming for another Light Stage. He played it to get Lycoris, then played Candina to get Trickstar Reincarnation. He activated two copies of Lycoris in his hand simultaneously, bouncing Candina and Special Summoning both Lycoris. He Set three cards in his back row.



LoCascio had a hand of Vijam the Cubic Seed, Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord, Cubic Wave, Pot of Desires, Twin Twisters, and Cubic Karma. LoCascio revealed three cards to play Crimson Nova. He Set Cubic Wave, then played Twin Twisters by discarding Cubic Karma. Blackwell flipped one of the targeted cards – Heavy Storm Duster, destroying Cubic Wave, but Blackwell also lost Scapegoat. LoCascio played Pot of Desires, drawing Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel and Cubic Karma. He played Duza sending Unification of the Cubic Lords to the Graveyard, and played Cubic Karma. He sent two copies of Vijam from his Deck to the Graveyard, boosting Crimson Nova to 4600 ATK! Duza and Crimson Nova each destroyed a Lycoris in battle. Crimson Nova then attacked again directly. In Main Phase 2, LoCascio banished Karma from the Graveyard to add Geira Guile the Cubic King to his hand. He Special Summoned it, dealing 800 damage. Blackwell was down to 2600 Life Points, and Crimson Nova dealt 3000 damage in the End Phase!



LoCascio takes a crushing first turn victory!

Duel 2

Blackwell started off with Light Stage once again, getting Candina. He Normal Summoned it to get Lycoris, and Special Summoned Lycoris by bouncing Candina. He Set three back row cards.

LoCascio had Unification of the Cubic Lords, Denko Sekka, Duza, Summoner Monk, Cubic Karma, and Pot of Desires. He played Denko Sekka and Pot of Desires, drawing Cubic Wave and Red Reboot. He sent Denko Sekka to destroy Lycoris in battle and passed his turn.



Blackwell played Candina, getting Trickstar Lilybell, and he Special Summoned it. Lilybell attacked directly, getting Lycoris to the hand, and Candina destroyed Denko Sekka. Blackwell Special Summoned Lycoris, bouncing Lilybell, and attacked directly with Lycoris. He Set one more card in his back row.

LoCascio drew Vijam the Cubic Seed, and Blackwell flipped Shared Ride. LoCascio played Summoner Monk, discarding Cubic Karma to Special Summon another Monk. He banished Karma to add Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord to his hand, dropping to 3100 due to the Trickstars. He Special Summoned Crimson Nova, Blackwell flipped Torrential Tribute, and LoCascio played Red Reboot from his hand! Blackwell Set Torrential Tribute back on the field, and also Set Trickstar Reincarnation from his Deck. LoCascio wasn’t going to give him a chance to use them though! He continued, using his Monks to play Number 39: Utopia, and used that for Number S39: Utopia the Lightning! He played Cubic Wave next, halving the ATK of Lycoris and doubling the ATK of Crimson Nova! Utopia the Lightning wiped out Candina in battle, and Crimson Nova obliterated Lycoris!



Kevin LoCascio wins the Match with Cubics!