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Round 8 Feature Match: Doug Zeeff vs. Bohdan Temnyk

June 3rd, 2018

Welcome to Round 8! We’ve got Doug Zeeff here, all the way from Grand Rapids, MI! He’s playing an Altergeist Deck, one of the strategies most improved thanks to Flames of Destruction. He’s got a tough Match ahead of him – he’s facing YCS Champion Bohdan Temnyk! We saw Temnyk earlier today where he won his Feature Match with a swift 2-0 victory, using Sky Striker Trickstars. Temnyk Duels at Gametraders Live Penrith – an Official Tournament Store. Each Duelist has one loss so far, and with yet another Swiss Round ahead of both of them today, a victory here is crucial. It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Temnyk won the die roll and played first. He played Terraforming to get Trickstar Light Stage, and that to get Trickstar Lycoris. He played Trickstar Candina next, getting Trickstar Reincarnation. Pot of Desires let him draw two cards after banishing 10. He bounced Candina to Special Summon Lycoris and Set two cards in his back row.

Zeeff had Solemn Strike, Rivalry of Warlords, Anti-Spell Fragrance, Personal Spoofing, Altergeist Multifaker, and drew… Infinite Impermanence. “Wow!” he exclaimed, having drawn exactly what he needed a turn too late. It should still prove useful, though – he Set it in the same column as the rightmost of Temnyk’s Set cards, then Set the rest of his traps. Temnyk flipped the leftmost back row card, Scapegoat.

Zeeff flipped up Anti-Spell Fragrance in the Draw Phase, then activated Multifaker. Temnyk flipped Trickstar Reincarnation to try banishing it first, but Zeeff flipped up Infinite Impermanence to negate Lycoris and Reincarnation! Multifaker hit the field, and Temnyk used Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, but Zeeff shut that down with Solemn Strike! Multifaker successfully Special Summoned Altergeist Silquitous. Temnyk used Light Stage on Rivalry of Warlords, and Zeeff Chained it! Temnyk chose to keep Lycoris, giving up all his Sheep Tokens. Temnyk played Candina, and Zeeff responded with Silquitous to bounce Multifaker and Candina. Candina’s effect resolved and put Trickstar Reincarnation in Temnyk’s hand. Lycoris attacked Silquitous, and Zeeff flipped Personal Spoofing to put Silquitous back in the Deck, adding Altergeist Marionetter to his hand. Temnyk Set three cards in his back row.



Zeeff drew Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, and Temnyk flipped Trickstar Reincarnation – Zeeff negated it with Ash Blossom. He Normal Summoned Marionetter, which Set Altergeist Protocol on the field.

Zeeff flipped Altergeist Protocol and Special Summoned Multifaker, which Special Summoned Silquitous. Temnyk played Candina, and Zeeff used Altergeist Protocol to send Multifaker to the Graveyard, negating and destroying Candina. Temnyk flipped Sky Striker Maneuver – Afterburners! targeting Silquitous. Zeeff had Silquitous bounce Marionetter to bounce Temnyk’s last Set back row card, then Chained Personal Spoofing to put Silquitous back in the Deck (thus dodging the entire effect of Afterburners). Temnyk responded with Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit to destroy Spoofing, so Zeeff didn’t get to search for a new card. Temnyk banished Reincarnation from his Graveyard to Special Summon Candina, then used it with Lycoris to play Trickstar Holly Angel! He used his other Reincarnation in the Graveyard to play Candina again, dealing damage with Holly Angel’s effect. He attacked with Candina and Holly Angel, and Set one card in his back row.

Zeeff drew a second Rivalry of Warlords. He played Marionetter and Set Altergeist Manifestation from his Deck. Then, he used Marionetter’s other effect to send Protocol to the Graveyard and Special Summon Multifaker, which in turn Special Summoned Altergeist Meluseek. He used Meluseek and Multifaker to play Altergeist Hexstia, and Meluseek searched out another Multifaker. Hexstia had its ATK boosted since it pointed to Marionetter, so it destroyed Holly Angel in battle, then Zeeff Set Rivalry.

Temnyk used Light Stage on Zeeff’s Set Manifestation, locking it down for the turn. Candina destroyed Marionetter in battle. Temnyk Set one more card in his back row. In the End Phase, Zeeff was forced to activate Manifestation due to Light Stage – he Special Summoned Multifaker, and dropped to just 100 Life Points due to Candina! Temnyk still had 6900 Life Points. Multifaker Special Summoned Silquitous, which bounced Manifestation (destroying Multifaker) and Candina.

Zeeff drew another Anti-Spell Fragrance. He used Hexstia with Silquitous to play another Hexstia and his Link Materials’ effects put Marionetter and Altergeist Protocol in his hand. He flipped up the second Rivalry so he could Special Summon Multifaker, and Special Summoned Marionetter with Multifaker. He Normal Summoned another Marionetter, setting Protocol. He had the first Marionetter send itself to the Graveyard to bring back Hexstia (with the other one pointing to it)! He attacked with Multifaker, and Temnyk flipped Scapegoat! The four Altergeists destroyed the Sheep Tokens in battle. Zeeff Set Manifestation to finish his turn.

Zeeff flipped Manifestation to bring back Multifaker, which Special Summoned Silquitous, and he flipped Protocol. Temnyk activated Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage!, and Hexstia negated it by Tributing Marionetter. He Normal Summoned Candina next, but with Silquitous in play he knew he had no way to deal the last 100 damage! Zeeff wins with a huge comeback!



Duel 2

Temnyk began with Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones, and used the Sky Striker Ace Token to play Sky Striker Ace – Kagari. Zeeff negated Kagari with Infinite Impermanence. Temnyk used Kagari to play Sky Striker Ace – Shizuku and Set one card in his back row. In the End Phase, he added Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! to his hand.

Zeeff sta with Personal Spoofing, Anti-Spell Fragrance, Pot of Duality, Inspector Boarder, and drew Solemn Strike. He played Duality, revealing Meluseek, Protocol, and Marionetter – he took Marionetter. He Normal Summoned Inspector Boarder next, destroying Shizuku in battle. He Set his Trap Cards to finish his turn. Temnyk flipped Twin Twisters, discarding Hornet Drones, to destroy Solemn Strike and Anti-Spell Fragrance! Zeeff had only Spoofing left now.

Temnyk played Engage, getting Hornet Drones to his hand and drawing a card. Another Twin Twisters came down, discarding Trickstar Reincarnation to destroy Spoofing. Zeeff used it in response, swapping his Marionetter in hand for a Meluseek. He played Hornet Drones and used the Token to play Kagari, which added Engage to his hand. He played Engage to get Afterburners and draw a card. Afterburners destroyed Inspector Boarder, and he Normal Summoned Lilybell. He attacked with both monsters, leaving Zeeff with 5000 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, he used both monsters to play Knightmare Phoenix.



Zeeff drew Altergeist Protocol. He played Meluseek and attacked directly, using Meluseek to send Phoenix to the Graveyard. He played Linkuriboh with Meluseek, and Temnyk negated Meluseek’s search effect with Ash Blossom. Zeeff Set Protocol to finish.

Temnyk played Terraforming to get Light Stage, and forced Zeeff to flip Protocol. He Normal Summoned Candina and got Lycoris to his hand. He banished Reincarnation to Special Summon Lilybell, and it attacked directly. Candina attacked Linkuriboh, Zeeff Tributed it to weaken Candina, and Temnyk bounced Candina to play Lycoris, attacking directly. The score stood at 2200 to 7100 with Temnyk leading, and time in the Round was called! Temnyk won this Duel since he was ahead on Life Points, and that put the Duelists at an even score – the Match is a draw!