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There’s a Weevil Underwood Sighting at YCS Secaucus!

June 2nd, 2018

Make sure your Exodia cards are secure, because Weevil Underwood is walking around the tournament hall here at YCS Secaucus!

Alex Fernandez from Marlboro, New Jersey is competing in YCS Secaucus this weekend, but his attire is rather unconventional. He’s dressed as Weevil Underwood.



How did Alex do it? “I got a green turtleneck and stick on felt,” he said. “Then I did a lot of measuring.” It sounds so simple. “I had the Duel Disk since I was 9-years-old, so that part was easy,” he said.


Astute fans of the original animated Yu-Gi-Oh! series may notice that this particular Weevil Underwood isn’t just after Exodia cards – he’s also after Duelists’ souls! Alex is wielding a Duel Disk from the “Waking the Dragons” story arc, and has Insect QueenMultiplication of Ants, and – you guessed it – The Seal of Orichalcos in the card slots of his Duel Disk. Alex’s attention to detail and dedication to the character add to his appearance and performance.



There are lots of cool things to see at Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series events, and Alex Fernandez’s cosplay enhances the experience for Duelists and spectators alike. Lots of people were taking pictures of Alex and taking pictures with Alex, before Round 1 even started! Be sure to check out the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series when an event comes near you!