YCS Secaucus First-Timers!

June 2nd, 2018

There are 1312 Duelists competing this weekend, but not all of them are veterans on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series scene. Take a look at some of this weekend’s competitors who are playing in their first-ever YCS event!

16-year-old Dawson Golove from Syosset, NY has never competed in a Regional or YCS before, but is excited to finally be participating in one this weekend! “It’s my first time in the big leagues,” he said. “There’s a lot of energy in the room.” Dawson is running a “59-card Hydra Deck” built around Orbital Hydralander. Dawson doesn’t run more than 1 copy of any card in his Deck so that he can capitalize on the effect of Orbital Hydralander. He’s very excited to be competing this weekend, even though he thinks he’ll only win a few of the Swiss Rounds. Take a look at Dawson holding up the namesake of his Deck!



16-year-old Alec Goff from Long Island, NY goes to school with Dawson Golove and has never competed in a Regional or YCS event. He’s excited to be here this weekend, and trusting his Mekk-Knight Invoked Deck in the main tournament. Alec Duels against Dawson at his local Official Tournament Store, A Store of Fire and Dice in Lynbrook, NY, but now he’s in for a totally new experience!



19-year-old Jared Goff from Long Island is Alec Goff’s older brother, and like Alec, he has never entered a Regional or YCS tournament! He’s running a Superheavy Samurai Deck that is entirely filled with monsters! He practices Dueling against his brother sometimes, and up until now, has played almost exclusively casually. Now he’s in for the biggest tournament of his life! Take a look at Jared and his Superheavy Samurai Steam Train King!



20-year-old David Perez from Somerset, New Jersey is competing in his first-ever YCS event using his Dark Synchro Vampire Deck. David Duels locally at the Official Tournament Store, Jinx Collectibles in Matawan, NJ, but has never competed in a larger event! “I’m loving it so far,” David said. “Everything is great. It’s awesome to be around people who share the same interests as you.” Here’s a picture of David holding up Dhampir Vampire Sheridan from Dark Saviors!



19-year-old Shedrick Hamilton from Somerset, New Jersey Duels at Jinx Collectibles with David Perez, and also never entered a YCS or Regional event before! Shedrick is using an Ancient Gear Deck this weekend. He says he’s a little bit nervous, but hoping to do his best and get some good hits in.



The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series is fun for experienced Duelists and new players alike. Be sure to stop by if there’s a YCS near you!