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YCS Secaucus Top Tables Update: Round 5

June 2nd, 2018

Check out which Duelists and Decks are facing off at the top 10 tables in Round 5 of YCS Secaucus!


Table 1: Brian Batista (Sky Striker Invoked) vs. Michael Zimmitti (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 2: Steven Lee (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Calvin Tam Chow (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 3: Christian Joseph Mahoney (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Hani Yasser Jawhari (Gouki)

Table 4: Tyler Adam Ludwig (Altergeist) vs. Joel Luis Brito (Sky Striker)

Table 5: Alexander Mikhailovich Dobrochasov (Sky Striker) vs. Kristoffer Nielsen (Sky Striker Invoked)

Table 6: John James Sabolick (Trickstar) vs. Joel Quintero Castro (Trickstar)

Table 7: Douglas Gleason Zeeff (Altergeist) vs. Noah Frederick Wintermyer (Trickstar)

Table 8: Titto Alias Maret (Sky Striker) vs. Muhtasim Tahmid Mallick (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 9: JT Patterson (Gouki) vs. Yoon Jae Jio Kim (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 10: Terron Devontae Allen (Zombie Dinosaur) vs. Timothy George Cox (Sky Striker Trickstar)


Here’s the breakdown so far:

7 Sky Striker Trickstar
3 Trickstar
3 Sky Striker
2 Sky Striker Invoked
2 Gouki
2 Altergeist
1 Zombie Dinosaur

Dark Saviors has made its impact with Sky Strikers! A little over half the Decks at the top tables are using Sky Strikers in some form or another, but they are all quite varied. Most Duelists have paired them with Trickstars, but we’re seeing Invoked and pure builds (usually with lots of “hand trap” monsters and Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair) as well. For the non-Sky Striker Decks, they’re all about evenly represented. There’s a handful of pure Trickstar Decks still putting in work, with Gouki and Altergeist represented as well. Finally, a single Zombie Dinosaur Deck is hanging on, despite That Grass Looks Greener being Forbidden!

We’re only halfway through the first day of YCS Secaucus, so check back as things continue to develop.