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YCS Secaucus Top Tables Update: Round 6

June 3rd, 2018

Here are the top Duelists and Decks at the top 10 tables in Round 6!


Table 1: Jose Carlos Aquino-Borrero (Trickstar) vs. Bohdan John Temnyk (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 2: Christian Raphael Meyer (Sky Striker) vs. Matthew Evan Harris Vanden Heuvel (Gouki)

Table 3: Timothy George Cox (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Galeleo Mauricio De Obaldia (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 4: Christian Joseph Mahoney (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Calvin Tam Chow (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 5: Braedon Dale Hooker (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Andrew Stephen Taylor (Elementsaber)

Table 6: Blake Antonio Funderburke (Gouki) vs. Yoon Jae Jio Kim (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 7: Anthony James Sciulli (Trickstar) vs. Michael Zimmitti (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 8: John James Sabolick (Trickstar) vs. Kristoffer Nielsen (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 9: Douglas Gleason Zeeff (Altergeist) vs. Aaron Ray Mercado (Dinosaur)

Table 10: Joel Luis Brito (Sky Striker) vs. Alex Edmund Coffey (Gouki)


The breakdown is:

9 Sky Striker Trickstar
3 Trickstar
3 Gouki
2 Sky Striker
1 Altergeist
1 Elementsaber
1 Dinosaur


Sky Striker Trickstar is still proving to be the most popular Deck at the top tables, with pure variants of both themes showing up as well. Gouki and a variety of other Decks are also represented, including one unexpected Elementsaber Deck, which will be featured in our Round 7 Feature Match.