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North America WCQ Pairings for Top 16

July 1st, 2018

Here are the pairings for the Top 16!

Table Player 1 vs. Player 2
1 Wagner, Dirk Richard vs. Joseph, Isaiah Kirk
2 Kuo, Kenneth Chung-Jeng vs. Neal, Cameron Taylor
3 Reid, Fermon Bookal vs. Vargas, Gabriel Antonio
4 Nguyen, Thanh Cong vs. Georges, Christian
5 Yu, Denny CA vs. Pinnow, Tyler Christopher
6 Rayos, Brian CA vs. Norris, Harvey Stone
7 Penaranda, Ruben Andres vs. Jawhari, Hani Yasser
8 Jule, Walter CA vs. Novak-Burdick, Russell Kenneth
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