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South America WCQ: Dragon Duel Top 8

July 1st, 2018

The first five Swiss rounds have concluded – here are your Top 8 Dragon Duelists!

1 – Enzo Simono Salviati [Brazil] (Sky Striker Trickstar)
2 – Miguel Angel Amaguana Zambrano [Colombia] (Trickstar Windwitch)
3 – Matias Gustavo Rivadeneira Vinueza [Ecuador] (True Draco)
4 – Gabriel Humberto Arbulu Castillo [Peru] (HERO)
5 – Diego Orlando Romero Hernandez [Peru] (Pendulum Magician)
6 – Luis Alberto Morales Seguel [Chile] (Sky Striker Trickstar)
7 – Gael Enrique Martinez Hernandez [Peru] (Blue-Eyes)
8 – Axel Matwel Caballero Barreda [Peru] (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Four Peruvian Duelists, and one each from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile! Four of these Duelists are using Trickstar variants today, but we also have True Draco, Pendulum Magician, and even HERO and Blue-Eyes! Tomorrow’s top cut is looking awesome!