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South America WCQ Round 9 Feature Match: Aksony Contreras vs Sebastian Caro

July 1st, 2018

Aksony Contreras is a Venezuelan Duelist, though he currently resides in Colombia. As such, he was able to become the newest Colombian National Champion! He’s one of the few SPYRAL Duelists in attendance. His opponent is Sebastian Caro, here from Chile, using Trickstars. Unlike most Duelists this weekend, Caro has opted to play a pure Trickstar build, rather than mixing it with other themes like Sky Strikers.

Duel 1

Caro won the dice roll and chose to play first. He started off with Terraforming, getting Trickstar Light Stage, and played that to get Trickstar Candina. Candina came down, and was negated by Contreras’s Infinite Impermanence. Caro Set two back row cards.

Contreras had a hand of SPYRAL Tough, SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue, Called by the Grave, SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red, and PSY-Frame Driver. He played Tough, sending it to destroy Candina in battle. In Main Phase 2, Tough tried calling Spell Cards, but revealed Solemn Warning. Contreras Set Rescue and Called by the Grave.

Caro used Light Stage to lock down Rescue. He played Trickstar Lilybell and attacked directly, adding Candina back to his hand. He Set a third back row card, and Rescue hit the Graveyard.

Contreras drew Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He tried using Tough again, calling Spell Cards, and revealed a Light Stage – Tough destroyed the newly Set Solemn Warning! It then destroyed Lilybell in battle. Contreras Set Big Red.

Caro played a new Light Stage, getting Trickstar Lycoris. He had Light Stage lock down Contreras’s Big Red, then Normal Summoned Candina. Contreras negated Candina with Ash Blossom. Caro flipped up Trickstar Reincarnation, banishing Contreras’s PSY-Frame Driver and letting him draw SPYRAL Super Agent. Caro then banished Reincarnation to Special Summon Lilybell, but Contreras flipped Called by the Grave to banish Lilybell! Caro bounced Candina to Special Summon Lycoris in Defense Position. In the End Phase, Big Red was sent to the Graveyard.

Contreras drew Terraforming! He Set Terraforming, then used Tough’s effect, declaring monster – it revealed Droll & Lock Bird and destroyed the Set Torrential Tribute! What a huge hit! He then Special Summoned SPYRAL Super Agent from his hand, and Link Summoned SPYRAL Double Helix, and Caro negated it with Ash Blossom. Contreras flipped up Terraforming to get SPYRAL Resort. Playing that let him get SPYRAL Quik-Fix. He Normal Summoned Quik-Fix to search for Big Red, and used it to Special Summon Tough, this time using it to destroy Lycoris. He attacked with his three SPYRALs, dropping Caro to 1900 Life Points. In the End Phase, SPYRAL Resort shuffled Ash Blossom back into the Deck. Caro looked at his next draw and conceded!

Duel 2

Caro played first this time, and started with Light Stage, adding Lycoris to his hand. Terraforming was next, getting another Light Stage, and that added Candina to his hand. He played Candina, and Contreras negated it with Ash Blossom. Caro then bounced Candina to Special Summon Lycoris, and Set two back row cards.

Contreras began the second Duel with a hand of Red Reboot, Infinite Impermanence, Terraforming, and Foolish Burial. He drew SPYRAL Super Agent. Terraforming came first, and Caro responded with Shared Ride! Contreras added SPYRAL Resort to his hand, and Caro drew a card. He played Resort, adding SPYRAL GEAR – Drone to his hand, and Caro got another card. He Normal Summoned Drone and used it to look at Caro’s next three cards. He left Trickstar Lycoris on top of the Deck, then Special Summoned Super Agent with his new knowledge. Caro flipped up Torrential Tribute, and Contreras used Red Reboot! Torrential Tribute went face-down again, and Caro Set Trickstar Reincarnation from his Deck. Super Agent’s effect resolved, destroying the Torrential Tribute. Contreras Link Summoned Double Helix, but it was negated by Caro’s Ash Blossom. Double Helix destroyed Lycoris in battle. Contreras Set Infinite Impermanence and Foolish Burial. In the End Phase, SPYRAL Resort shuffled Contreras’s Ash Blossom into the Deck.

Caro played Terraforming to get his third Light Stage, and used it to add Trickstar Lilybell to his hand. He Special Summoned it, then Normal Summoned Candina to get Trickstar Reincarnation. Light Stage’s effect targeted Foolish Burial. Lilybell attacked directly, returning Lycoris to Caro’s hand. He Special Summoned Lycoris in Defense Position, putting Candina in his hand. He then Link Summoned Knightmare Phoenix, discarding Reincarnation to destroy SPYRAL Resort – Contreras flipped Infinite Impermanence to negate it. Caro banished Reincarnation to Special Summon Lilybell, then used it with Phoenix to play Topologic Trisbaena. He Set one to his back row to finish. In the End Phase, Foolish Burial was sent to the Graveyard.

Contreras drew SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue. He activated his Resort, adding Super Agent to his hand, and Caro flipped Reincarnation, then Chained Droll & Lock Bird! Contreras lost his hand! He looked over his Graveyard and considered his options, but ultimately conceded!

Duel 3

Contreras started the final Duel with a hand of SPYRAL Tough, Droll & Lock Bird, Called by the Grave, Foolish Burial, and Infinite Impermanence. He played Tough and Foolish Burial, sending SPYRAL Quik-Fix to the Graveyard. He discarded Infinite Impermanence to Special Summon Quik-Fix in Defense Position, adding SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red to his hand. Caro activated Droll & Lock Bird to shut down his combo before it got going. Contreras used Tough and Quik-Fix to play Double Helix, which Special Summoned SPYRAL Master Plan.

Caro played Candina, searching for Light Stage, and Contreras was the one using Droll & Lock Bird this time. Caro Special Summoned Eater of Millions by banishing five cards from his Extra Deck! It attacked Master Plan, banishing it face-down. Caro Set two back row cards.

Contreras drew Super Agent, and the round timer ended. The Match would be decided at the end of Main Phase 1. He used Double Helix, calling Spell Cards and revealing Raigeki on Caro’s Deck. Double Helix Special Summoned Tough, and Contreras took 200 damage from Candina. He Link Summoned Topologic Trisbaena, then played Big Red to Special Summon Tough, triggering Trisbaena! It banished all Spell & Trap Cards, inflicting 1000 damage to Caro! That put Contreras ahead in Life Points!

Aksony Contreras narrowly takes the Match with SPYRALs!

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