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South America WCQ: Top 64 Players and Deck Breakdown

July 1st, 2018

Here are the Top 64 Duelists, their countries of origin (where available), and the Decks they’re using.

Rank Full Name Country Deck
1 Orbea Davila, Galo Guillermo Ecuador Mekk-Knight Trickstar
2 Castillo Aramundiz, Jose Antonio Chile Mekk-Knight Trickstar
3 Goncalves da Silva, Paulo Roberto Brazil Sky Striker Trickstar
4 Salas Arreaga, Alex Arturo Ecuador Mekk-Knight Trickstar
5 Campoblanco Nunovero, David Humberto Peru Mekk-Knight Trickstar
6 Azocar Salinas, Andres Alejandro Peru Sky Striker Trickstar
7 Alzamora Guzman, Jose Alejandro Peru Infernoid
8 Delgado Portilla, Gerardo Jesus Peru Mekk-Knight Trickstar
9 Perez Romero, Fabian Alejandro Sky Striker
10 Millan Leon Rodriguez, Roberto Fernando Peru Mekk-Knight Trickstar
11 Rodrigues Batalha, Marco Roberto Brazil Infernoid
12 Carreno Cartez, Daniel Esteban Chile Trickstar
13 Mamut, Martin Argentina Sky Striker Trickstar
14 Salas Reyna, Jefferson Peru Pendulum Magician
15 Miranda Visa, Christian Felipe True Draco
16 Coba Rodriguez, Patricio Daniel Mekk-Knight Trickstar
17 Choque Pastor, Alexander Jorge Peru Burning Abyss
18 Vargas Rivadeneira, Gabriel Sebastian Ecuador Gouki
19 Marquez Ramos, Johan Manuel Peru Sky Striker Trickstar
20 Asfour Al Jabri, Kanaan Venezuela Sky Striker Trickstar
21 Gonzalez Ohep, Miguel Angel Venezuela Sky Striker Trickstar
22 Urias Moreira da Silva, Felipe Pendulum Magician
23 Ludena Rincon, Juan Jose Daniel Peru Sky Striker
24 Dratwa Mutzenbruher, Pedro Sky Striker
25 Contreras Gonzalez, Aksony Javier Colombia SPYRAL
26 Espinoza Campos, Joao Lucas Invoked
27 Vera Avila, Nicolas Miguel Mekk-Knight Trickstar
28 Delgado Chavarry, Santino Peru Sky Striker Trickstar
29 Llinas, Facundo Leonel Argentina Sky Striker Trickstar
30 Hernandez Rodriguez, Daniel Alejandro Peru Sky Striker Trickstar
31 Lopez Acevedo, Matias Daniel Argentina Sky Striker
32 Vergara Giraldo, Federico Colombia Burning Abyss
33 Vargas Ferreira, Jhon Brayant Manuel Venezuela ABC
34 Andrade Castro, Juan Sebastian Peru Mekk-Knight Trickstar
35 Manganoo, Justin Elton Trinidad Sky Striker
36 Sepulveda Marcelli, Rodrigo Ernesto Alejandro Chile SPYRAL
37 Iglesias Tolentino, Renzo Alexandre Peru Infernoid
38 Medina Tapia, Max Joel Peru Altergeist
39 Vergara Gazul, David Antonio Sky Striker Trickstar
40 Pena Hurtado, Jose Alejandro Colombia Mekk-Knight Trickstar
41 Yanac Ortiz, David Moises Peru Altergeist
42 Hernandez Canales, Rafael Andres Fernando Chile ABC
43 Quijano Ono, Javier Peru Sky Striker Trickstar
44 Lopez Raffaele, Matias Argentina Sky Striker Trickstar
45 Perez Rivas, Juan Pablo Chile Burning Abyss/Infernoid
46 Ramirez Alegria, Fabricio Ramon Peru Mythical Beast D/D/D
47 Loayza Jordan, Alejandro Juan Peru Sky Striker Trickstar
48 Buritica Gonzales, Manuel Felipe Colombia Burning Abyss
49 Lira Alban, Martin Alonso Peru Pendulum Magician
50 Rodriguez Rios, Yandi Sebastian Colombia Mekk-Knight Invoked
51 Duenas Iglesias, Jorge Luis Ecuador Altergeist
52 Miceli Schroeder dos Santos, Victor Hugo True Draco
53 Ramirez Medina, Anthony Alexander Peru Sky Striker Trickstar
54 Rosemberg Collante, Roger Anibal Ecuador Gouki
55 Torres Fonseca, Rodrigo Brazil Mekk-Knight Sky Striker
56 Orihuela Castro, Gonzalo Mijail Mekk-Knight Trickstar
57 Da Hora Martinho, Phelipe Kuzcmeda Brazil Sky Striker
58 Torres Vargas, Sebastian Eduardo Chile Mekk-Knight Trickstar
59 Sarmiento Mesones, Renato Ricardo Peru Paleozoic
60 Venegas Acevedo, Diego Alejandro Chile Sky Striker Trickstar
61 Galarza Reich, Sergio Peru Burning Abyss
62 Gamarra Cavero, Sebastian Agustin Peru Sky Striker Trickstar
63 Lucero Sanchez, Leiner Lenin Peru Sky Striker Trickstar
64 Alva Cuadros, Jose Luis Peru Altergeist


17 Sky Striker Trickstar
12 Mekk-Knight Trickstar
6 Sky Striker
1 Trickstar
1 Mekk-Knight Sky Striker
1 Mekk-Knight Invoked
1 Invoked
4 Altergeist
4 Burning Abyss
3 Infernoid
1 Burning Abyss/Infernoid
3 Pendulum Magician
2 Gouki
2 True Draco
1 Paleozoic
1 Mythical Beast D/D/D

As many predicted, about half the tournament is using some variation of Trickstar or Sky Strikers. The most popular version is Sky Striker Trickstar, with Mekk-Knight Trickstar next. A few Duelists are using no Trickstars at all, either with pure Sky Strikers or builds mixed with Mekk-Knights. Even though all these Decks are in the same family, there’s a lot of ways to customize the strategies to your own liking.

The other half of the Top 64 is very interesting – there are nearly a dozen different strategies represented! It seems that the Trickstar and Sky Striker Decks are most popular, but are not so dominant to shut out other strategies entirely. Rather, we have a meta that allows for all kinds of strategies to work! There are Extra Deck combo focused Decks like Pendulum Magicians, D/D/D, and Gouki. There are also slower controlling Decks like Altergeist, True Draco, Paleozoic, and ABC. There’s even a bunch of Infernoid Decks, something we haven’t seen much of since That Grass Looks Greener was Forbidden.


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