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200th YCS Columbus: Top Tables Update Round 11

September 23rd, 2018

Check out the Duelists and Decks at the top 10 tables in Round 11 of the 200th YCS in Columbus, Ohio!

Table 1: Adrian Gonzalez (Altergeist) vs. Andres Espinosa (Dark Gouki)
Table 2: Justin Przymierski (Sky Striker) vs. James Winning (Sky Striker)
Table 3: Anton Brown (True Draco) vs. Raymond Dai (Sky Striker)
Table 4: Aleksandr Roytburd (True Draco) vs. Phillip Quiett (Trickstar)
Table 5: Kevin Lopez (Sky Striker) vs. Joel White (Sky Striker)
Table 6: Timothy Li (Cyber Dragon) vs. Bradley Joazil-Wallace (Gouki)
Table 7: Giovanni Gonzalez (Sky Striker) vs. Yucheng Li (Altergeist)
Table 8: Kobe Short (Gouki) vs. Matthew McGlynn (Sky Striker)
Table 9: William Best (Sky Striker) vs. Gavin Reiniche (Dark Gouki)
Table 10: Dablessin Wilson (Gouki) vs. Yuhang Li (Gouki)

There are lots of different Decks at the top 10 tables during Round 11 here in Columbus, Ohio. It looks like the tournament is on track for a very diverse top cut! Follow the coverage to see which Duelists and Decks remain at the top of the competition!