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200th YCS Columbus: Top Tables Update Round 8

September 23rd, 2018

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the top 10 tables in Round 8!

Table 1: Jonathan Barber (Gouki) vs. Andres Espinosa (Dark Gouki)
Table 2: Blair Hunter (Cyber Dragon) vs. Keegan Musselman-Geiger (Mekk-Knight Invoked Sky Striker)
Table 3: Daniel Garcia (Sky Striker) vs. Adrian Gonzalez (Altergeist)
Table 4: James Rutherford (Sky Striker) vs. Michael Burket (True Draco)
Table 5: Roland Morton (Danger! Gouki) vs. Joseph Slone (Sky Striker)
Table 6: Gavin Reiniche (Dark Gouki) vs. Dakota Tomines (HERO)
Table 7: Ross Nappi (Sky Striker) vs. Levi Mininger (Altergeist)
Table 8: Maximillian Reynolds (Sky Striker) vs. Ryan Levine (Sky Striker)
Table 9: Gregory Pandolfi (Sky Striker) vs. Dablessin Wilson (Gouki)
Table 10: Angel Serrano (Sky Striker) vs. Kevin Yim (Trickstar)

There’s Gouki, Cyber Dragon, Sky Striker, Mekk-Knight, Invoked, True Draco, Danger!, HERO, Altergeist, and Trickstar themes at the top 10 tables in this penultimate Swiss Round of Day 1! The new Advanced Format looks wide open, with lots of different Decks filling the top tables. Follow the coverage to see which Duelists and Decks continue to rise to the top 10 tables!