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200th YCS Mexico City: Top Table Update for Round 7

September 23rd, 2018

Here are the top Duelists as we head into Round 7!

Table 1: Rolando Gordon (Gouki) vs. Hector Luitin (Sky Striker)

Table 2: Luis Vilalpando (Sky Striker) vs. Jose Salazar (Sky Striker Mekk-Knight)

Table 3: Josue Heredia (True Draco) vs. Cesar Salinas (Sky Striker)

Table 4: Rodrigo Lopez (Trickstar) vs. Jesus Arredondo (Sky Striker)

Table 5: Elias Fong (Paleozoic) vs. Jorge Matu (Sky Striker)

Table 6: Carlos Mercado (Sky Striker) vs. Renato Sarmiento (Paleozoic)

Table 7: Galileo De Obaldia (Sky Striker) vs. Julio Tlacomulco (Sky Striker)

Table 8: Carlos Cayeros (Trickstar) vs. Cesar Nino (True Draco)

Table 9: Luis Villalpando (Jose Garnica (Sky Striker) vs. Omar Meraz (Altergeist)

Table 10: Alejandro Reyes (Sky Striker) vs. Oscar Perez (Sekka’s Burning Abyss)

Even with Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones now Limited, Sky Strikers are proving to be the Deck to beat here at YCS Mexico City! Amongst the current top ranked twenty Duelists, thirteen are using Sky Strikers. After that, there’s an even mixture of Trickstar, True Draco, Paleozoic, Altergeist, Gouki, and Burning Abyss. Sky Striker may be the top choice, but six other Decks are fairly represented as well. We’ll see if those strategies can push into the Top 64 at the end of the tournament, or if Sky Strikers will reign supreme.