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Dragon Duel Finals: Spencer TenHag versus Levi Baloch

October 21st, 2018

Trickstars versus Timelords?!  It was happening, right here in the Finals of this weekend’s Dragon Duel Championship.


Levi Baloch traveled here this weekend from Mississauga, just outside of Toronto, and at 12 years of age this is his last shot at a Dragon Duel Championship before ageing out of the division.  His opponent is Seaforth’s Spencer TenHag, an 11 year-old Duelist piloting a dedicated Timelord Deck!  Both Duelists won tournaments this weekend to qualify and both are Canadian, but only one can claim the title of YCS Niagara Dragon Duel Champion!


Baloch chose to play second in the first Duel, so TenHag opened the Duel with two cards Set to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.  He Summoned Time Maiden and activated her effect: Baloch shut it down with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, but TenHag banished it from his Graveyard to search his Deck for Lazion, the Timelord and Summon it.  “I’ll end my turn.”


Baloch took 1000 damage from Lazion.  He Normal Summoned Trickstar Candina to fetch Trickstar Light Stage, activated it, and TenHag destroyed it with Mystical Space Typhoon on the chain.


Play was back to TenHag, who shuffled his Lazion back into his Deck.  He Summoned Gabrion, the Timelord and ended his turn.

Baloch drew another Trickstar Candina, Normal Summoned it to get another Trickstar LightStage, activated it, and fetched Trickstar Lilybell to Special Summon it.  He locked down TenHag’s Set card with Trickstar Light Stage, then Link Summoned Knightmare Unicorn with all three Trickstars.  He used Unicorn’s effect to shuffle away Gabrion, discarding Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.  He sent Unicorn in for a direct attack and ended.  TenHag lost his Solemn Judgment.  The Duel stood at 5800 Life Points to 7000 Life Points with Baloch leading.


TenHag Normal SummonedMichion, the Timelord and attacked Knightmare Unicorn.  Neither player took damage, but Michion halved Baloch’s Life Points!


Baloch drew Raigeki!  He Normal Summoned Trickstar Lycoris and passed turn.


TenHag drew for his turn and shuffled Michion back into his Deck.  He Normal Summoned Hailon, the Timelord and ended.


Baloch drew Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.  He Normal Summoned Droll & Lock Bird to Link Summon Borreload Dragon! Borreload attacked, and Baloch took control of TenHag’s Hailon.  He attacked with it, dropping TenHag to 3500 Life Points, evening things up.


TenHag Summoned Sadion, the Timelord, attacked Hailon, and TenHag gained 500 Life Points. “I end my turn.”  Hailon was sent to the Graveyard.


Baloch drew Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall and Special Summoned it.  He attacked with Borreload Dragon to take control of Sadion, then attacked directly with Purple Knightfall.  TenHag had 1500 Life Points left.  Baloch attacked with Sadion next, gaining 500 Life Points.


TenHag drew, and Normal Summoned Kamion, the Timelord.  He attacked Borreload with it, bounced Borreload back to the Extra Deck, and ended.  Sadion was sent to the Graveyard.


Baloch drew World Legacy’s Memory, Set it, and Normal Summoned Trickstar Lycoris, ending his turn.


TenHag drew, took 400 damage from Lycoris and Trickstar Light Stage, and his Timelord was shuffled back.  He Summoned Zaphion, the Timelord and attacked Lycoris, leading Baloch to respond with Memory, Special Summoning another Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall.  Zaphion’s effect sent all of the remaining spells and traps back to Baloch’s Deck.


Baloch drew Mekk-Knight Red Moon and passed.


TenHag shuffled away his Zaphion, drew, took 200 damage from Lycoris, and Normal Summoned Lazion to deal 1000 damage.


Baloch drew Mekk-Knight Blue Sky and Set a monster.


TenHag drew, took another 200 damage, and shuffled away Lazion.  He Normal Summoned Kamion, the Timelord, and attacked Trickstar Lycoris to send it back to Baloch’s Deck.  Baloch took 500 damage to complete the effect.  The Duel stood at 2000 Life Points for Baloch to 700 for TenHag.


Baloch drew Terraforming, searched Trickstar Light Stage, activated it to get another Trickstar Candina, Normal Summoned her, and searched Trickstar Reincarnation.  He Set it.


TenHag drew for his turn, lost his Timelord, and Set a backrow.


Baloch drew Trickstar Lycoris and TenHag activated the Trap Card Side Effects?  Baloch chose to draw two cards, giving TenHag 4000 Life Points.  Baloch Tributed his face-down Ash Blossom to Summon Mekk-Knight Blue Sky, then attacked with Blue Sky and Candina.  He bounced Candina to Summon Lycoris and struck for game!



Spencer TenHag delivers an absolute clinic on Timelords, but Levi Baloch presses through them one by one to capture the first Duel! Play moved to Game 2 after brief siding and shuffling.  TenHag would start.


He started things off with a Set card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone, Summoned Time Maiden, Tributed it and searched his Deck for Michion, the Timelord.  He banished Time Maiden to Special Summon Lazion, the Timelord and ended.


Baloch drew Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall, took 1000 damage from Lazion, and added it to her hand of Raigeki; Scapegoat; Mekk-Knight Red Moon; Trickstar Lycoris; and Solemn Judgment.  He Special Summoned Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall, TenHag flipped Side Effects? again, and Baloch chose to draw two cards.  TenHag went to 12,000 Life Points.  Baloch Set a card to the backrow, used Purple Nightfall to get Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse, used its effect, and then Summoned Mekk-Knight Red Moon.  He Normal Summoned Trickstar Lycoris, used everything for a Link Summon, and brought out Knightmare Unicorn.  He pitched Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to shuffle Lazion back to TenHag’s Deck, Set everything else he had but Raigeki, and attacked with Knightmare Unicorn for 2200 Battle Damage.

TenHag Set a backrow, Summoned Michion, the Timelord, attacked Unicorn, and halved Baloch’s Life Points.


Baloch drew World Legacy’s Memory, returned Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse to the field, and flipped Trickstar Reincarnation to give TenHag three new cards.  He banished it to revive Trickstar Lycoris, then Link Summoned Borreload Dragon. TenHag responded with Solemn Judgment, but Baloch had Solemn Judgment herself to shut it down!  The Duel stood at 1750 Life Points to 4900 with TenHag leading. Baloch attacked Michion with Borreload, taking control of it and attacking with it.  Baloch Set Memory.


TenHag Summoned Sandaion, the Timelord, attacked Borreload with it, and it was game moments later off Sandaion’s burn effect!


Sandaion, the Timelord turns Baloch’s Borreload Dragonagainst her, as TenHag captures the second Duel!  After a little siding and shuffling we were head to Game 3, where Baloch would go second.


TenHag opened with a Set card to his backrow, used Time Maiden to search Lazion, the Timelord, and banished Time Maiden to Special Summon another Lazion.


Baloch had Mekk-Knight Blue Sky; Trickstar Light Stage; World Legacy’s Memory; Scapegoat; Trickstar Candina; Mekk-Knight Red Moon.  He took 1000 damage for Lazion, activated Trickstar Light Stage, searching Trickstar Lycoris, and targeting TenHag’s Set backrow. He Special Summoned Mekk-Knight Blue Sky, searching Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse and Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall.  He Set a card to his backrow, brought out Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse and Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall, then Normal Summoned Trickstar Candina.


That got him Trickstar Lilybell to the field, and he used Lilybell, Candina, and Purple Knightfall to Link Summon Knightmare Unicorn.  He discarded Lycoris to bounce away the Timelord, Summoned Red Moon, and swung with everything for game!

Levi Baloch is the YCS Niagara Dragon Duel Champion!