Round 5 Top Tables Update

October 20th, 2018

We are past the halfway mark here in Day 1 at YCS Niagara, which means now is a great time to look at the top tables for a quick impression of what’s undefeated.  These Duelists are all 4-0 at least for the moment, and by examining what they’re playing we can begin to read into the shape of the field moving forward.

Table: 1

Azad Deihim with Sky Strikers


Jorge Sosa Danger Burning Abyss


Table: 2

Ryan Levine Thunder Dragons


Rohan Thomas Pendulum Magicians


Table: 3

Arvind Rajabhathor Dark Goukis


John Wilkin Sky Striker Goukis


Table: 4

Elvis Vu Sky Strikers


Jeremy Thibeau Thunder Dragons


Table: 5

Tianyi Du True Dracos


Usama Ikram Sekka’s Burning Abyss


Table: 6

Lawrance Lin Mekk-Knight Invoked


Samuel Deng Dark Goukis


Table: 7

Michael Walters Sky Strikers


Kareem El Hindawi Sekka’s Burning Abyss


Table: 8

Gaetan Georges Thunder Dragons


Evan Betzig Sky Strikers


Table: 9

Adam Kosmowski Sky Strikers


Javier Hernandez Pendulum Magicians


Table: 10

Maximillian Reynolds Dark World Danger!


Aidan Quach Altergeists


For those of you following along, that all breaks down to look like the following:


5 Sky Strikers

3 Thunder Dragons

3 Burning Abyss

3 Goukis

2 Pendulum Magicians

1 True Dracos

1 Mekk-Knight Invoked

1 Dark World Danger!

1 Altergeists


It’s a really wide open field at the top tables right now, despite the level of dominance we’ve seen from Thunder Dragons in Feature Matches.  Sky Strikers definitely struggle in that match-up unless they can find a key Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor, but the deck’s still seeing so much play – and it’s still so good against everything else – that it remains the most successful deck at the top tables midway through Day 1.


Meanwhile Burning Abyss is riding high on momentum from YCS Utrecht and YCS Mexico City, while Pendulum Magicians are proving to be the surprise of the afternoon so far.  Perhaps the most notable absence is Altergeists: the deck doesn’t appear to be popular this weekend as the newness of Thunder Dragons meant relatively low representation, removing one of the biggest reasons to run Altergeists this weekend.


If Thunder Dragons score big in Day 2 expect to see more Altergeists in upcoming tournaments, but for now the deck seems under-represented and that’s contributing to the shape of the metagame here at YCS Niagara.