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Round 6 Top Tables Update: A Sky Striker Comeback

October 20th, 2018

We are now into Round 6 here in Day 1 of YCS Niagara, and with just three rounds of competition remaining the top tables are telling a different story just from last Round alone:  Sky Strikers more than doubled their table share at the winningest seats in the tournament, leaving Thunder Dragons and Goukis in strong runner-up positions while Altergeists, Burning Abyss, and Dark World Danger clean up what’s left.


Here’s what the Top 10 tables look like now.

Table: 1

Dakota Angeloff with Dark Goukis


Samuel Deng with Dark Goukis


Table: 2

Elvis Vu Sky with Strikers


John Wilkin with Sky Striker Goukis


Table: 3

Azad Deihim with Sky Strikers


Jake Quinsee Thunder Dragons


Table: 4

Christopher Barwicki with Altergeists


Ludovic Mosca with Danger! Burning Abyss


Table: 5

Maximillian Reynolds with Dark World Danger!


Michael Walters with Sky Strikers


Table: 6

Carlos Campoverde with Sky Strikers


Nigel Lamb with Sky Strikers


Table: 7

Gaetan Georges with Thunder Dragons


Adam Kosmowski with Sky Strikers


Table: 8

Ryan Levine with Thunder Dragons


Colin Goodrich with Sky Strikers


Table: 9

Kassim Hakim with Sky Strikers


Bo Tang with Sky Strikers


Table: 10

Mark Myatt with Sky Strikers


Sena Katagiri with Sky Strikers


While Round 5 saw just five Sky Strikers in the Top 20 seats, Sky Strikers were way up in the ranks this Round!  Here are the numbers:


11 Sky Strikers

3 Goukis

3 Thunder Dragons

1 Dark World Danger!

1 Danger! Burning Abyss

1 Altergeists


Will the Sky Striker dominance hold through Round 8 into tomorrow?  We’ll find out in just a few hours, as Day 1 begins to ramp up into its final Matches.